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UAW Threatens to Strike More U.S. Auto Plants if Significant Progress Isn't Achieved by Friday Deadline

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UAW Threatens Additional Strikes if "Serious Progress" Isn't Made by Friday Deadline

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has announced that it will initiate further strikes at General Motors, Ford Motor, and Stellantis plants if significant progress is not achieved in negotiations by noon on Friday. This announcement comes just over a week after the union launched targeted strikes at assembly plants for the "Big Three" Detroit automakers, leading approximately 12,700 workers to picket lines. UAW President Shawn Fain emphasized the urgency, stating that autoworkers have waited long enough for positive changes in the industry.

Stand-Up Strikes and Targeted Approach

The ongoing strikes are part of the union's targeted strike plans, where specific plants are selected to disrupt production and put pressure on the automakers. Fain refers to these work stoppages as "stand-up strikes," a modern take on the historic "sit-down" strikes of the 1930s. Unlike traditional strikes that involve all plants simultaneously, the UAW is adopting a more focused approach, calling on select locals to join the strike. If negotiations do not progress and the automakers fail to bargain in good faith, more locals will be called upon to join the strike.

Challenges and Negotiations

While the automakers have made record offers to the union, including significant wage increases, bonuses, and enhanced benefits, key demands from the UAW remain unmet. These demands include 40% hourly pay increases, a reduced 32-hour workweek, a return to traditional pensions, the elimination of compensation tiers, and the restoration of cost-of-living adjustments. The negotiations have been ongoing, and the union's decision to announce additional strikes reflects their dissatisfaction with the progress made thus far. Despite the strike actions and the challenges faced by both parties, the automakers have expressed their commitment to reaching an agreement for the benefit of their team members, customers, suppliers, and communities across the United States. However, the new deadline set by the UAW adds further pressure to the negotiations. In conclusion, the UAW's threat of additional strikes underscores the urgency and determination of the union to secure better terms for autoworkers. The targeted approach of the "stand-up strikes" demonstrates a strategic shift in the union's tactics. As negotiations continue, it remains to be seen whether the automakers will meet the union's demands and avoid further disruptions to production.


The UAW's threat to initiate further strikes if significant progress isn't made by the set deadline is a clear indication of the union's resolve to secure better terms for autoworkers. This situation presents both challenges and opportunities for new businesses in the auto industry.

Implications for New Businesses

For new businesses, the ongoing strikes and the potential for further disruptions could lead to supply chain issues and production delays. However, it could also provide an opportunity to demonstrate solidarity with workers and establish a reputation for fair labor practices.
Potential Impact and Future Outlook
The UAW's targeted approach to strikes, focusing on specific plants, represents a strategic shift in labor tactics. This could potentially lead to a change in the dynamics of labor negotiations in the auto industry. New businesses must be prepared to navigate this evolving landscape and develop strategies to manage potential labor disputes. In conclusion, the UAW's threat of additional strikes and the ongoing negotiations with the "Big Three" automakers could have significant implications for new businesses in the auto industry. While this situation presents challenges, it also offers opportunities for businesses to align themselves with fair labor practices and navigate the evolving labor landscape in the industry.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/19/uaw-will-strike-more-us-auto-plants-if-serious-progress-isnt-made.html
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