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The Benefits of Informational Interviews: Career Experts Share 3 Reasons to Engage in Them

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The Power of Informational Interviews: How They Can Propel Your Career

While job interviews are widely recognized as crucial, there is another type of interview that can significantly contribute to your professional growth: the informational interview. These informal conversations provide an opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge within the world of work. Whether conducted with colleagues, industry professionals, or individuals from different sectors, informational interviews help bridge knowledge gaps and offer various benefits for career development.

Insights into Your Company

Engaging in informational interviews allows you to gain a deeper understanding of different business functions within your own company. This broader perspective enhances problem-solving abilities and ultimately improves job performance. Angelina Darrisaw, career coach and CEO of C-Suite Coach, emphasizes that these interviews provide a valuable lens through which you can view your organization, enabling you to contribute in more impactful ways.

Understanding Your Industry

Conducting informational interviews with professionals outside your company but within your industry offers insights into how different players collaborate to meet customer needs. It also provides a glimpse into problem-solving approaches employed by other companies. This increased understanding of your industry can be a powerful tool for professional growth, enabling you to stay informed and make informed decisions in your own career.

Exploring Different Industries

Informational interviews can also serve as a gateway to exploring new industries and potential career shifts. Conversations with professionals in different sectors offer a broader perspective on industry landscapes, helping you assess whether a particular field aligns with your interests and goals. Vicki Salemi, a career expert at Monster, highlights the value of these interviews in providing a comprehensive view of other industries, allowing you to make informed decisions about potential career transitions. It's important to approach informational interviews with the mindset of learning and professional development rather than expecting immediate job opportunities. These conversations can expose you to new areas of focus, potentially leading to unexpected interests or future job opportunities. They may also provide opportunities for mentorship, where professionals are willing to offer guidance and support. In the worst-case scenario, even if no immediate opportunities arise, you still come away with valuable knowledge and insights that contribute to your personal and professional growth. Informational interviews are low-stakes interactions primarily focused on information sharing, making them a valuable tool for expanding your network and knowledge base. In conclusion, informational interviews offer numerous advantages for career growth and development. By engaging in these conversations, you can gain insights into your company, industry, and even explore new sectors. The knowledge and connections acquired through informational interviews can propel your career forward and open doors to unexpected opportunities. Embrace the power of informational interviews as a means to expand your professional horizons and enhance your overall success.


The practice of conducting informational interviews can have a profound impact on new businesses, particularly startups. These interviews provide valuable insights into the industry landscape, potential competitors, and market trends.

Benefits for New Businesses

For new businesses, informational interviews can serve as a valuable tool for understanding the market, identifying potential opportunities, and avoiding common pitfalls. They can also help in building relationships with industry professionals, which can prove beneficial in the long run.
Lessons Learned
The key takeaway for new businesses is the importance of continual learning and networking. Informational interviews offer a low-risk, high-reward strategy for gaining industry insights and building professional relationships. In conclusion, the power of informational interviews extends beyond individual career growth to the development and success of new businesses. By leveraging these interviews, startups can gain valuable insights, build strategic relationships, and ultimately drive their business success. As the business landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for new businesses to harness the power of informational interviews to stay informed and competitive.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/18/why-you-should-do-informational-interviews-according-to-career-experts.html
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