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StubHub: Women's Sports, NFL's Swift Bump, and Messi Shape a Pivotal Year in Ticket Sales

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Record Growth in Women's Sports, Messi, and Taylor Swift Drive Ticket Sales, Reports StubHub

According to StubHub's Year in Live Experiences report, women's sports experienced a remarkable year in 2023, with ticket sales reaching record levels. Demand for women's basketball Final Four tickets surpassed that of men's basketball Final Four seats for the first time, driven by the success of the LSU Lady Tigers who secured their first NCAA championship. Total sales for the women's tournament were six times higher than the previous year, with ticket prices 15% higher than the men's Final Four.

Women's Sports on the Rise

Women's sports across various disciplines saw significant growth. The WNBA witnessed a 16% increase in attendance and a 21% rise in viewership, making it the league's most-watched season in 21 years. StubHub reported that overall ticket sales for the 2023 WNBA season more than doubled compared to the previous year. Additionally, women's soccer ticket sales in the National Women's Soccer League doubled from 2022, with Angel City FC emerging as the highest-selling club on the platform.

Messi and Taylor Swift's Impact

Lionel Messi's U.S. debut with Inter Miami generated substantial attention and ticket sales. Average ticket prices for Inter Miami games nearly tripled after Messi joined the team, propelling the club to become StubHub's bestselling team. Taylor Swift's influence extended beyond the music world, as her appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games boosted both TV ratings and ticket sales. Swift's Eras Tour became the largest in StubHub's history, and she was the most searched act of 2023.

Focus on Las Vegas and Formula 1

StubHub is closely monitoring ticket demand in Las Vegas, which will host its first Super Bowl in 2024. The city's sports scene has seen remarkable growth, with the Vegas Golden Knights becoming the bestselling NHL team on StubHub and the Las Vegas Raiders ranking as the third-highest selling team in the NFL. Formula 1 races accounted for nearly 40% of StubHub's top events in 2023, with the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix attracting fans from around the world. The newly opened Vegas Sphere, an immersive concert and event venue, is expected to further boost ticket sales. In conclusion, StubHub's report highlights the record growth in women's sports, the impact of star athletes like Lionel Messi, and the influence of Taylor Swift on ticket sales. The success of these events and individuals demonstrates the increasing popularity and demand for live experiences in the sports and entertainment industry.

Women's Sports, Messi, and Taylor Swift's Influence on Ticket Sales: Implications for New Businesses

The recent surge in ticket sales for women's sports, as reported by StubHub, signals a shift in consumer interest that new businesses should take note of. The unprecedented demand for women's basketball Final Four tickets, surpassing that of men's, indicates a growing market for women's sports. This trend extends beyond basketball, with the WNBA and women's soccer also experiencing significant growth in attendance and viewership.

Opportunities in the Rising Popularity of Women's Sports

For new businesses, particularly those in the sports and entertainment industry, this rise in the popularity of women's sports presents a unique opportunity. It suggests a burgeoning market that has yet to be fully tapped, opening avenues for businesses to cater to this growing fanbase.

Star Power: Messi and Taylor Swift

The impact of star power on ticket sales, as evidenced by Lionel Messi's U.S. debut and Taylor Swift's influence, is another key trend for new businesses to consider. The ability of these stars to drive ticket sales demonstrates the potential of celebrity endorsements and partnerships in boosting a business's visibility and appeal.

Las Vegas and Formula 1: Emerging Hotspots

StubHub's focus on Las Vegas and Formula 1 also provides valuable insights for new businesses. The city's burgeoning sports scene and the popularity of Formula 1 races suggest these are emerging hotspots for live events. New businesses could leverage these trends by aligning their strategies with these in-demand markets. In essence, StubHub's report highlights key trends in the sports and entertainment industry that new businesses could capitalize on. The growing interest in women's sports, the influence of star power, and the emergence of new hotspots for live events present potential avenues for growth and success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/12/06/taylor-swift-lionel-messi-womens-sports-boost-stubhub-ticket-sales.html
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