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Stellantis Plans Closure of 18 Facilities in UAW Deal: Full Details of Latest Offer

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Stellantis' Latest Offer to UAW Could Result in Closure of 18 Facilities

Stellantis, the automaker formed through the merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA Group, has presented a contract proposal to the United Auto Workers (UAW) union that could lead to the closure of 18 facilities in the United States. While this proposal raises concerns about the potential impact on thousands of UAW members, it also includes plans for new investments and the repurposing of an idled vehicle assembly plant in Illinois. The company aims to create a "modernized" parts and distribution network, which has been a point of contention between Stellantis and the union.

Possible Closures and Repurposing

The proposed plan includes the consolidation of 10 "Mopar" parts and distribution centers into larger "Amazon-like" distribution centers. The Belvidere Assembly, which was indefinitely idled in February, is being considered as a potential "Mega Hub" as part of this plan. Other manufacturing facilities mentioned in the proposal are the Tipton Transmission Plant in Indiana, the partially decommissioned Trenton Engine Complex and Mount Elliott Tool & Die in Michigan, and the idled Belvidere Assembly. Additionally, the proposal includes the closure of a Detroit warehouse, office space, and the automaker's North American headquarters and technology center.

Impact on Employment and Concerns

The potential closures raise concerns for UAW leaders, who worry about the impact on employment, uprooting of workers and families, pay disparities, and the level of automation in new facilities. The Mopar jobs, which would be affected by the closures, currently pay less than positions at traditional assembly facilities such as Belvidere.

Stellantis' Offer and Negotiations

Stellantis' proposal, presented on Thursday night, included a raise of nearly 21% over the course of the contract, an immediate 10% pay increase, and the elimination of wage tiers for some workers. The offer also aligns with benefits offered by other automakers like GM and Ford. UAW Vice President Rich Boyer has emphasized the importance of the Belvidere plant in the negotiations, stating that it is a make-or-break issue for the union.

Future Plans and Solutions

Stellantis' North American Chief Operating Officer, Mark Stewart, has expressed the need to "modernize" the Mopar facilities and make strategic investments. The company's proposal includes establishing new Mopar facilities in Fishkill, New York, and Macon, Georgia, as well as relocating work from several Michigan facilities to the Trenton North plant. Stewart has emphasized the company's commitment to finding creative solutions and bargaining in good faith to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. In conclusion, Stellantis' latest offer to the UAW presents a significant potential restructuring of facilities, which could impact thousands of workers. While negotiations are ongoing, finding a balance between the company's goals for modernization and the concerns of the union will be crucial. The outcome of these discussions will shape the future of Stellantis' operations and the livelihoods of its employees.


Stellantis' proposal to the UAW, which may result in the closure of 18 facilities, is a clear indication of the dynamic and often challenging landscape of the automotive industry. For new businesses, particularly those in the automotive sector, this situation presents both opportunities and potential hurdles.

Opportunities for New Businesses

The proposed consolidation of "Mopar" parts and distribution centers into larger "Amazon-like" distribution centers suggests a shift towards more efficient, centralized operations. This could open up opportunities for new businesses to offer innovative solutions and services that support such a transition. Additionally, the repurposing of idled facilities, such as the Belvidere Assembly, could create new avenues for businesses involved in facility transformation and reutilization.
Challenges and Considerations
However, new businesses must also be mindful of the potential challenges. The concerns raised by UAW leaders about employment, uprooting of workers and families, pay disparities, and automation underscore the importance of considering the human impact of business decisions. New businesses must strive to balance efficiency and profitability with the welfare of employees and communities. In conclusion, the "hot take" is that while Stellantis' proposal to the UAW may present challenges, it also highlights opportunities for innovation and growth. New businesses in the automotive sector must navigate this complex landscape with agility, foresight, and a commitment to both business success and social responsibility.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/18/uaw-strike-stellantis-could-close-18-facilities-under-deal.html
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