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Should You Invest in Arm IPO? Insights from 4 Analysts

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Assessing the Arm IPO: Insights from Analysts

Arm, the British chip design company founded in 1990, is set to begin trading in New York after being taken private by SoftBank in 2016. As the initial public offering (IPO) is expected to value Arm at up to $54.5 billion, investors are contemplating whether to buy shares when trading commences on Sept. 14. Analysts have expressed mixed opinions on Arm's growth prospects and valuation.

Optimism in Secular Demand Trends

Most analysts believe that Arm benefits from strong secular demand trends in artificial intelligence, data centers, and automotive and Internet of Things markets. The company's licensing of proprietary chip designs to major semiconductor companies and device makers, including Apple and Nvidia, positions it well to capitalize on these trends. However, analysts caution that Arm faces risks from competition, such as the open standard chip architecture RISC-V, and customer concentration, with the top five customers generating over 50% of revenue. The loss of any of these customers could have a significant impact on Arm's revenues.

Concerns over Arm's China Joint Venture

Analysts have also raised concerns about Arm's limited control over its China joint venture, Arm China, which contributes 24% of revenue. The relationship between Arm and Arm China has been described as somewhat opaque, raising execution risks. Arm's reliance on the Arm China channel to sell to Chinese customers leaves them vulnerable to competing products offered through this channel. With no direct stake in Arm China, Arm currently has limited control over its means of selling in China. The company has acknowledged the significant risks associated with its setup in China.

Challenges to Arm's Valuation

Analysts at New Constructs have challenged Arm's valuation, suggesting that SoftBank, Arm's owner, may have inflated the company's value through self-dealing private investments. New Constructs analysts believe that the valuation is based more on SoftBank's manipulation of the valuation through private market transactions rather than the company's fundamentals. However, other analysts have provided more optimistic valuations, with expectations ranging from $40 billion to the IPO's upper limit of $54.5 billion.

Growth Prospects and Profitability Concerns

While analysts at Bernstein anticipate healthy top-line growth for Arm driven by cloud, automotive, and mobile royalties, they also express caution. They highlight Arm's drop in profitability in 2022 as a concerning sign that margins may take longer to recover. The increase in research and development spend driven primarily by employee costs poses challenges in the face of cyclical market downturns, such as the current one in the mobile sector.

Cost Control and New Design Promotion

Analysts at Redburn Atlantic note that Arm's revenue projections rely on rapid royalty rate increases and tight cost controls beyond historical precedents. However, they believe that achieving Arm's targeted 20-25% royalty compound annual growth rate (CAGR) may be challenging. Analyst Timm Schulze-Melander highlights the struggle Arm may face in reducing costs while promoting a new design during a sector downturn. The introduction of the ARMv9 Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) for data center chips in 2021 presents a new growth opportunity for Arm, but managing operating expenses may prove more difficult than anticipated. In conclusion, the Arm IPO has garnered mixed opinions from analysts. While the company benefits from strong secular demand trends, concerns over competition, customer concentration, and the China joint venture raise potential risks. Valuation discrepancies and profitability challenges further contribute to the complexity of assessing Arm's investment potential. As the IPO approaches, investors must carefully weigh these factors before making investment decisions.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

The upcoming Arm IPO offers valuable insights for new businesses, particularly those in the tech industry.

Understanding Market Trends

Arm's position in the artificial intelligence, data centers, and automotive and Internet of Things markets highlights the importance of understanding and capitalizing on market trends. New businesses should carefully analyze their industry's trends and position themselves to take advantage of these opportunities.

Managing Business Risks

The concerns raised by analysts over Arm's competition, customer concentration, and China joint venture underscore the importance of identifying and managing business risks. New businesses must thoroughly assess potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.

Valuation and Profitability

The discrepancies in Arm's valuation and concerns over profitability emphasize the need for sound financial management. New businesses should establish robust financial practices to ensure their valuation is based on solid fundamentals, not inflated by external factors.

Cost Control and Innovation

The challenge Arm may face in controlling costs while promoting a new design during a sector downturn highlights the balance new businesses must strike between cost control and innovation. New businesses must manage their operating expenses while investing in new growth opportunities. In conclusion, the Arm IPO provides important lessons for new businesses. By understanding market trends, managing business risks, ensuring sound financial management, and balancing cost control with innovation, new businesses can navigate the complex business landscape.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/14/arm-ipo-should-you-buy-shares-heres-what-4-analysts-are-saying.html
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