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Severe Weather in 2023: $57 Billion in Damages and 253 Fatalities Reported

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Record-Breaking Severe Weather in 2023: $57 Billion in Damages and 253 Fatalities

The United States has experienced an unprecedented number of billion-dollar weather disasters in 2023, with wildfires and severe storms wreaking havoc across the nation, from Hawaii to Florida. According to a report released by the federal government, the country has already been struck by 23 such disasters this year, the highest number since record-keeping began in 1980. This surpasses the previous record set in 2020, which saw 22 separate billion-dollar disasters. These 23 weather disasters have resulted in over $57.6 billion in damages and tragically claimed the lives of at least 253 people, as reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). One of the deadliest incidents was the devastating wildfire that ravaged West Maui, Hawaii in August, causing an estimated $6 billion in damages and resulting in the loss of at least 115 lives. Shortly after, Hurricane Idalia made landfall on Florida's Big Bend coast, marking the strongest hurricane to hit the region in 125 years. The frequency of billion-dollar weather disasters has been steadily increasing since 1980. On average, there were eight such disasters annually from 1980 to 2022. However, in the past five years alone, the average has risen to 18 per year, according to NOAA. These consecutive disasters have raised concerns about the adequacy of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) resources as hurricane season reaches its peak. FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell recently revealed that the federal disaster fund has dwindled to just $3.4 billion, necessitating a focus on immediate assistance for those affected by the Maui wildfires, Hurricane Idalia, and other imminent disasters. Without additional funding, the disaster fund is projected to go into the red by mid-month. To address this, the Biden administration has requested $16 billion from Congress to replenish the fund. President Joe Biden has attributed the surge in severe weather events to climate change, emphasizing the undeniable impact of the climate crisis. Historic floods, intensified droughts, extreme heatwaves, and significant wildfires have caused unprecedented damage. President Biden has urged Congress to swiftly approve additional FEMA funding, emphasizing the urgency of meeting the disaster relief request in September. In conclusion, the record-breaking severe weather events of 2023 have resulted in staggering damages and loss of life across the United States. The increasing frequency of billion-dollar disasters underscores the urgent need for adequate funding and resources to address the growing challenges posed by climate change. As the nation grapples with the aftermath of these disasters, swift action and support from Congress and FEMA are crucial to ensure effective disaster relief and mitigation efforts.

Conclusion: Implications of Severe Weather Events for New Businesses

The record-breaking severe weather events of 2023 offer a significant "hot take" for new businesses, particularly those in sectors vulnerable to climate change. The increasing frequency and intensity of these disasters underscore the urgent need for businesses to incorporate climate resilience into their strategies and operations.

Climate Resilience as a Business Imperative

For new businesses, these severe weather events highlight the importance of building climate resilience. This includes developing strategies to mitigate the risks associated with extreme weather, such as implementing robust disaster recovery plans, investing in climate-resilient infrastructure, and ensuring business continuity in the face of disruptions.
Opportunities in Climate Adaptation and Mitigation
At the same time, the growing impact of climate change presents opportunities for businesses that can provide solutions for climate adaptation and mitigation. These could include innovative products and services that help communities and other businesses adapt to changing climate conditions, or technologies that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In conclusion, the record-breaking severe weather events of 2023 serve as a wake-up call for new businesses. The increasing frequency of billion-dollar disasters underscores the urgency of addressing climate change, both as a risk to be managed and an opportunity to be seized. As businesses navigate this challenging landscape, building climate resilience and contributing to climate solutions can become key drivers of business success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/11/2023-severe-weather-57-billion-in-damage-and-253-people-dead-so-far.html
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