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Seaport Research Raises Solar Energy Stock Rating, Anticipates Potential 50% Surge

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Seaport Research Upgrades Enphase Energy, Foresees Potential 50% Surge

Seaport Research Partners has upgraded Enphase Energy shares from neutral to buy, setting a price target of $185. This target implies a potential rally of 49.2% from the previous day's closing price. Analyst Tom Curran believes that Enphase Energy will benefit from ongoing share repurchases, continued growth in Europe's residential solar market, and an anticipated recovery in U.S. residential solar installations by mid- to late-2Q24.

Challenges in the U.S. Residential Solar Market

Enphase Energy shares have experienced a decline of over 53% in 2023, largely due to a challenging year for the U.S. residential solar energy market. Weak demand and a policy change in California, the largest market for residential solar installers, have impacted the sector. The policy change reduced subsidies for solar panel owners, further dampening demand. However, Curran remains optimistic about a potential "incipient recovery" in the U.S. residential market by the end of the second quarter next year.

Factors Driving the Anticipated Rebound

Curran identifies three positive factors that could contribute to a rebound in U.S. home rooftop solar demand. Firstly, the California market is expected to adjust to the economics of NEM 3.0. Secondly, the finalization and assimilation of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are anticipated to strengthen the response to the law's 30% ITC incentives for solar PV systems and standalone energy storage. Lastly, Curran suggests that the Federal Reserve's Fund Rates (FFR) will have peaked, and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will be prepared to pivot towards easing from the second half of 2024 into 2025.

Enphase Energy's Growth Trajectory in Europe

Enphase Energy has experienced significant growth in the European market, nearly doubling its growth this year. Curran expects the company to continue on a robust growth trajectory in Europe through 2025. Enphase Energy's established presence in France and Benelux, along with share growth in Germany, positions the company for continued success.

Share Repurchasing Plans and Future Outlook

Curran believes that Enphase Energy has ample means and motivation to continue its share repurchasing plans. The company recently announced a $1 billion share repurchase program over the next three years. Curran asserts that Enphase Energy has the firepower to support its stock, reinvest in itself, outshine peers, and command a valuation premium. In early trading, Enphase Energy shares experienced a 1% decline on Thursday. The insights provided by Seaport Research Partners offer valuable perspectives on Enphase Energy's potential for growth and recovery in the solar energy market.

Hot Take: Seaport Research's Upgrade of Enphase Energy and Its Implications for New Business Formation

Seaport Research Partners' upgrade of Enphase Energy shares could have significant implications for new businesses in the solar energy sector.

U.S. Residential Solar Market: A Turnaround on the Horizon?

Despite the challenges faced by the U.S. residential solar market, Seaport Research remains optimistic about a potential recovery. For new businesses, this could signal an opportune time to enter the market or expand existing operations. The anticipated rebound could create a conducive environment for growth and innovation in the sector.

Driving Factors of the Anticipated Rebound: A Blueprint for Success?

The factors identified by Seaport Research as driving the anticipated rebound could serve as a blueprint for new businesses. The adjustment to new economic policies, the response to incentives, and the anticipation of easing federal fund rates could be key considerations for business strategies.

Enphase Energy's European Growth: A Model to Follow?

Enphase Energy's significant growth in the European market could serve as a model for new businesses. The company's success highlights the potential of international markets and the importance of establishing a strong presence in key regions.

Share Repurchasing Plans: A Strategy Worth Considering

Enphase Energy's share repurchasing plans underscore the company's confidence in its growth prospects. For new businesses, this could highlight the potential benefits of such strategies in supporting stock prices and reinvesting in the business. In essence, Seaport Research's upgrade of Enphase Energy shares offers valuable insights for new businesses in the solar energy sector. The anticipated recovery in the U.S. market, the success in the European market, and the strategic share repurchasing plans could serve as key considerations for business strategies.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/21/seaport-research-upgrades-this-solar-energy-stock-says-it-can-pop-roughly-50percent.html
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