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Salesforce Rehires Former Executives to Reignite Growth: Embracing the Power of 'Boomerangs'

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Salesforce Rehires Former Executives to Reignite Growth

Salesforce, as it approaches its 25th anniversary, is turning to former executives, known as "boomerangs," to drive the company through a challenging economy and a period of slowing growth. At least eight ex-Salesforce executives, including Ariel Kelman and Miguel Milano, have rejoined the company in 2023. Kelman, who returned as Chief Marketing Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for rejoining a company where he had a great experience. Milano, now the Chief Revenue Officer, was lured back by Salesforce operating chief Brian Millham. Before the tech downturn in 2022, Salesforce made significant acquisitions, investing approximately $50 billion in companies like MuleSoft, Tableau, and Slack between 2018 and 2021. Now, the company is focusing on refining its sales approach and relying more on its own products to maximize growth potential. Salesforce hosted an event during its Dreamforce conference, where former employees were given designated seats and custom swag, emphasizing the company's appreciation for their return. While the return of former executives is promising, Salesforce faces challenges. In January, the company announced a restructuring plan that involved cutting 10% of its workforce, amounting to over 7,000 jobs. Salesforce's CEO, Marc Benioff, acknowledged that they had hired too many people leading into the economic downturn. The company also faced pressure from activist investors demanding stronger growth, profit, and a more thoughtful approach to dealmaking. To address these challenges, Salesforce disbanded its board committee on mergers and acquisitions and conducted an operational review with the help of consultants. The analysis resulted in changes such as more direct lines of communication between salespeople and Benioff, as well as increased efficiency by reducing the number of salespeople visiting customers. These efforts have contributed to improved financial performance, with Salesforce's stock gaining 62% this year. As the returnees settle back into their roles, Salesforce is focused on aggressive growth strategies. For example, Kelman mentioned utilizing the Data Cloud tool to enhance marketing performance by quickly messaging sales reps in Slack when a client views a product page. Additionally, the company aims to improve efficiency by making its products more accessible to prospective clients without the need for salespeople, a transformation that will take time. In conclusion, Salesforce's decision to rehire former executives reflects the company's strategy to reignite growth and navigate a challenging economic landscape. By leveraging the expertise and experience of these boomerangs, Salesforce aims to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and continue its position as a leader in the industry.


Salesforce's strategy of rehiring former executives, or "boomerangs," offers a unique perspective on managing growth during challenging times. This approach could have significant implications for new businesses.

Implications for New Businesses

New businesses can learn from Salesforce's strategy. In times of economic downturn or slow growth, leveraging the experience and knowledge of former team members could be a viable strategy to reignite growth. These individuals, already familiar with the company's culture and operations, can hit the ground running and contribute immediately to the company's objectives.
Strategic Considerations
However, this strategy also requires careful consideration. It's essential to ensure the returning executives align with the company's current vision and can adapt to any changes that have occurred during their absence. Furthermore, the company must be prepared to address any potential resistance or concerns from current employees. In conclusion, Salesforce's "boomerang" strategy offers a unique approach to reigniting growth. While it may not be suitable for all businesses, it provides a valuable lesson: the value of experience and familiarity in navigating challenging economic landscapes. As new businesses grow and evolve, such strategies could be crucial in driving innovation, improving efficiency, and maintaining industry leadership.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/18/salesforce-is-luring-boomerangs-to-reaccelerate-growth.html
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