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Russia Seizes Opportunity as Ukraine Fights Fatigue in Allies' Support against War

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Russia Seizes Opportunity as Ukraine Battles War Fatigue and Strained Alliances

Ukraine is facing the challenge of maintaining support from its international backers amidst the spillover effects of the ongoing war with Russia, diplomatic missteps, conflict fatigue, and upcoming elections. Opinion polls conducted in Europe and the United States this summer indicate a decline in overall support for measures backing Ukraine, particularly in terms of additional funding and military equipment supply. Geopolitical analysts at Teneo risk advisory highlight the emergence of partisan divides in both Europe and the U.S., with governments prioritizing domestic politics and policies ahead of Ukraine.

Russia's Calculated Moves

Russian analysts perceive an opportunity as they believe Western support for Ukraine is waning both politically and militarily. There are concerns that Russia may exploit weaknesses and fractures in Ukraine's partnerships, closely monitoring the shifting public attitude towards the war. The recent public rift between Poland and Ukraine has not gone unnoticed by the Kremlin, with Russia's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov suggesting that tensions between the two countries will only increase.

Trouble Brewing in Eastern Europe

Russia's withdrawal from the Black Sea grain deal in July created conditions for heightened tensions in Eastern Europe. This decision forced Ukrainian agricultural exports to rely on land, rail, or river routes through Eastern Europe instead of sea transportation. The influx of cheaper Ukrainian grain imports led to storage issues, lower domestic prices, and market distortions, further straining relations between Ukraine and its ally Poland. The situation escalated when Ukraine filed lawsuits against Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia with the World Trade Organization over their refusal to lift restrictions.
Political Shifts and Cold Reception
As Poland and Slovakia approach upcoming elections, analysts suggest that their focus on domestic issues over Ukraine is an attempt to appeal to their electorates. The recent announcement by U.S. President Joe Biden regarding additional support for Ukraine has been met with cold reception from the isolationist wing of the Republican party, with a majority of Republican voters opposing further funding for Ukraine. The falling-out between Poland and Ukraine is seen as a significant intra-coalition flare-up of the war, raising concerns about potential seismic political shifts, particularly if a Republican assumes the U.S. presidency after the 2024 election. In conclusion, Ukraine's efforts to combat war fatigue and maintain alliances face significant challenges. Russia is closely monitoring the situation and looking for opportunities to exploit any weaknesses. The political landscape in Europe and the U.S., along with upcoming elections, adds complexity to the situation. The consequences of strained alliances and shifting attitudes towards the war could have far-reaching implications for Ukraine and its supporters.

Implications of Ukraine's Strained Alliances and War Fatigue on New Business Ventures

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the waning support from its international backers present a complex landscape for new businesses. The geopolitical shifts and the changing public sentiment towards the war, particularly in Europe and the U.S., could significantly impact the business climate.

The Russian Factor

Russian analysts see an opportunity in the decline of Western support for Ukraine. They believe that Russia may exploit any weaknesses in Ukraine's partnerships, which could create uncertainties for businesses operating in the region. The recent tensions between Poland and Ukraine, for instance, could potentially disrupt trade and economic activities.

Eastern Europe's Brewing Trouble

Russia's withdrawal from the Black Sea grain deal has led to heightened tensions in Eastern Europe and strained Ukraine's relationship with its ally, Poland. This situation has disrupted Ukrainian agricultural exports, leading to market distortions and storage issues. New businesses in the region, especially those in the agricultural sector, may need to navigate these complexities.
Political Shifts and Their Business Implications
The upcoming elections in Poland and Slovakia and the potential for a political shift in the U.S. after the 2024 election add another layer of uncertainty. New businesses must consider these political dynamics as they could influence international relations and economic policies. The cold reception of U.S. support for Ukraine by the isolationist wing of the Republican party, for instance, could signal a change in U.S. foreign policy that new businesses need to anticipate. In essence, the challenges facing Ukraine in maintaining alliances and combating war fatigue could have far-reaching implications for new businesses. These businesses must stay abreast of the evolving geopolitical situation and be prepared to adapt to the potential changes in the business environment.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/26/ukraine-tries-to-keep-allies-close-as-war-fatigue-and-concerns-set-in.html
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