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Redefining the Office: Hines, Real Estate Giant, Believes It Should be More Than Just a Workplace

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Hines Interests Ltd. Partnership's Approach to Post-Pandemic Office Spaces

The return to the office after the pandemic has proven to be a challenge, with companies now focusing on creating sustainable and amenity-rich spaces to attract top talent. Hines Interests Ltd. Partnership, a global real estate firm, has adopted a "magnets, not mandates" approach to building its post-pandemic portfolio. This approach emphasizes the importance of offering attractive office spaces that align with Hines' "T3" concept - timber, transit, and technology.

The Benefits of Returning to the Office

Hines Canadian head Avi Tesciuba and senior managing director Syl Apps highlight the growing realization among tenants that being together in the office offers unique benefits, such as fostering culture, loyalty, and mentoring. Employers are now considering real estate as a strategic asset to encourage employees to return to the office. Hines provides amenities like gyms, bike rooms, food halls, and tenant lounges to enhance the office experience and offer convenience beyond what can be achieved at home.

The Hybrid Work Model in Canada

The adoption of hybrid work models varies across Canadian markets. While many cities in the US and Western Canada have seen a return to the office, Toronto has experienced a slower transition. However, the trend is expected to follow the patterns observed in the US, with a gradual increase in office attendance. While a full return to the office five days a week may not be immediate, it is anticipated in the future.
Magnets, Not Mandates
Hines' "magnets, not mandates" approach focuses on creating high-quality, amenity-rich buildings that attract tenants and employees. These buildings are well-located, adjacent to transit hubs, and offer a range of common areas and outdoor spaces. An example of this approach is CIBC Square at 81 Bay Street in Toronto, which provides a high-quality environment for customers and employees.
The T3 Concept and Sustainability
The T3 concept addresses challenges in traditional office spaces by offering a unique blend of old brick and beam aesthetics with modern building qualities. It also emphasizes sustainability by using timber instead of concrete and steel, reducing embodied carbon in the building. Hines tailors its T3 projects to suit the specific micro-locations and neighborhood contexts, ensuring they meet the needs of customers in those areas. In conclusion, Hines Interests Ltd. Partnership's approach to post-pandemic office spaces prioritizes sustainability, amenities, and strategic location to attract top talent and create a positive office experience. The hybrid work model is expected to evolve, with a gradual return to the office in the future. The T3 concept and its focus on sustainability contribute to the overall appeal of Hines' office buildings in the Canadian market.

Hot Take: The Impact of Hines' Approach to Post-Pandemic Office Spaces on New Businesses

The approach adopted by Hines Interests Ltd. Partnership to post-pandemic office spaces offers valuable insights for new businesses. With a focus on creating sustainable, amenity-rich, and strategically located spaces, Hines is setting a new standard in the real estate industry.

Reimagining the Office Space

Hines' approach emphasizes the unique benefits of office spaces in fostering culture, loyalty, and mentoring. For new businesses, this underscores the importance of considering real estate as a strategic asset, not just a physical location.

Adapting to the Hybrid Work Model

The varying adoption of hybrid work models across markets poses a challenge for new businesses. However, by observing trends in cities like Toronto and adapting accordingly, businesses can effectively navigate this transition.
'Magnets, Not Mandates': A Winning Strategy
Hines' "magnets, not mandates" approach is a winning strategy for attracting top talent. New businesses can take a cue from this, focusing on creating high-quality, amenity-rich environments that draw in employees. In conclusion, Hines' approach to post-pandemic office spaces offers a blueprint for new businesses. By prioritizing sustainability, amenities, and strategic location, businesses can attract top talent and create a positive office experience, setting themselves up for success in the post-pandemic world.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/real-estate/giant-hines-office-more-than-place-to-work
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