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Record High: New Zealand Immigration Surges after Pandemic Lull

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New Zealand Immigration Reaches Record High After Pandemic Lull

New Zealand's immigration numbers have reached an all-time high, presenting both opportunities and challenges for the country. According to economists, the net number of immigrants in the year ending August was 110,000, surpassing the previous high of 103,000. This surge in immigration comes after a period during the COVID-19 pandemic when more people left New Zealand than arrived. The increase in immigration has provided relief to employers who struggled to find skilled workers last year. However, it has also put pressure on the housing market and resources in a small economy like New Zealand.

Pent-Up Demand and Economic Impact

Economists suggest that the surge in immigration reflects pent-up demand that accumulated during the pandemic. The influx of immigrants has been beneficial for employers, but it also raises concerns about the availability of resources. Chief economist Jarrod Kerr highlights the need for tens of thousands of homes to accommodate the growing population.

Immigration Sources and Outflow of New Zealanders

The figures reveal that the largest number of immigrants came from India, followed by the Philippines and China. However, the record number of immigrants is accompanied by a significant outflow of New Zealanders, with a net loss of nearly 43,000 citizens. Many New Zealanders were enticed to Australia by better pay offers, resulting in a loss of trained and skilled individuals.
Implications and Election Focus
The record-breaking immigration numbers have been released just days before New Zealand's general election. While immigration has not been a major campaign issue, the figures shed light on the challenges of soaring living costs, tax cuts, and crime that the main parties have focused on. The impact of immigration on the economy, housing market, and resources will continue to be a topic of discussion and consideration for policymakers. Overall, New Zealand's record-high immigration numbers indicate a strong rebound from the pandemic, but they also highlight the need for careful management of resources and infrastructure to support the growing population.

Hot Take: The Impact of New Zealand's Record Immigration on New Businesses

Opportunities and Challenges

The record surge in New Zealand's immigration presents a unique scenario for new businesses. On one hand, the influx of immigrants offers a larger customer base and a diverse talent pool. On the other hand, the increased demand for resources, particularly housing, could strain the country's infrastructure, potentially affecting the cost of doing business.

Workforce Dynamics

The significant outflow of New Zealanders, enticed by better pay offers in Australia, results in a loss of trained and skilled individuals. This could present challenges for new businesses in attracting and retaining local talent. However, the arrival of immigrants, primarily from India, the Philippines, and China, could potentially fill this gap, bringing new skills and perspectives.
Policy Implications
The record-breaking immigration numbers come just days before New Zealand's general election, bringing the issue into the spotlight. Although immigration hasn't been a major campaign issue, its impact on the economy, housing market, and resources will likely influence future policymaking. New businesses must stay attuned to these policy changes and adapt accordingly. In conclusion, while the record-high immigration in New Zealand poses challenges, it also opens up opportunities for new businesses. The key to success lies in how well these businesses can navigate this changing landscape.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/new-zealand-immigration-hits-an-all-time-high-as-movement-surges-following-pandemic-lull
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