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Qualcomm to Provide Apple with 5G Modems for iPhones Until 2026

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Qualcomm to Supply Apple with 5G Modems for iPhones until 2026

In a significant announcement, Qualcomm has confirmed that it will continue to provide Apple with 5G modems for their smartphones through 2026. This decision comes as Apple's iPhone sales in China surpassed those in the United States for the first time in the second quarter of 2023, making China the largest market for iPhone shipments.

Boosting Qualcomm's Handsets Business

The extended partnership with Apple is expected to bolster Qualcomm's handsets business, which reported $5.26 billion in sales in the last quarter. With approximately 21% of Qualcomm's fiscal 2022 revenue coming from Apple, this collaboration will help mitigate the potential loss of a critical customer.

Challenges in Moving Away from Qualcomm

While Apple has been working on developing its own modems to reduce reliance on Qualcomm chips, analysts suggest that the complexity of Qualcomm's chips may pose challenges. Apple acquired Intel's smartphone modem division in 2019 to facilitate the development of its own modem. However, the transition away from Qualcomm's chips is anticipated to be a formidable task.

Continued Revenue Streams for Qualcomm

In addition to supplying modems, Qualcomm also generates revenue from Apple through cellular licensing fees, which amounted to approximately $1.9 billion in 2022. The two companies have a six-year agreement in place, resulting from a legal battle over royalties that was resolved in 2019. Qualcomm expects to collect royalties from Apple under this agreement.

Anticipating a Decline in Apple Business

Despite the extended partnership, Qualcomm foresees a decrease in its modem supply to Apple's 2026 smartphone launch. The company expects to provide only 20% of the modems required, indicating that it anticipates a decline in its business with Apple in the future. In conclusion, Qualcomm's commitment to supply Apple with 5G modems until 2026 solidifies their ongoing partnership. This collaboration not only strengthens Qualcomm's handsets business but also presents challenges for Apple as they strive to develop their own modems. As Apple prepares to announce new iPhones utilizing Qualcomm modems, the future of their business relationship remains a topic of interest.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

The extended partnership between Qualcomm and Apple carries significant implications for new businesses, particularly those in the tech industry.

The Influence on Market Trends

The continued collaboration between these tech giants sets a precedent for the market, potentially influencing trends in smartphone technology. New businesses should monitor these developments to stay abreast of industry trends and align their strategies accordingly.
Opportunities and Challenges in Developing Proprietary Technology
Apple's attempt to develop its own modems, despite the challenges, underscores the value of proprietary technology in gaining a competitive edge. This situation serves as a lesson for new businesses about the importance of investing in research and development, even when faced with complex challenges.

Revenue Streams and Business Relationships

Qualcomm's revenue generation from cellular licensing fees highlights the potential for diverse revenue streams. New businesses can learn from this, exploring various avenues to generate income. Despite anticipating a decline in business with Apple, Qualcomm's commitment to the partnership until 2026 demonstrates the importance of maintaining strong business relationships. This is a valuable lesson for new businesses about the significance of long-term partnerships in ensuring business stability. In conclusion, new businesses can glean valuable insights from the Qualcomm-Apple partnership regarding market trends, the value of proprietary technology, diverse revenue streams, and the importance of long-term business relationships.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/11/qualcomm-to-supply-apple-with-5g-modems-for-iphones-through-2026.html
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