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"Profitable Side Hustles in Your 30s: Discover One Earning up to $110 per Hour"

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Best Side Hustles for 30-Somethings to Consider in 2022

According to a recent Bankrate survey, half of millennials say they've picked up a gig outside their full-time job, validating the growing popularity of side hustles. Young adults who look to make some extra cash while enhancing their work experience are ideal candidates for side hustles.

Here are the three best side hustles for 30-somethings:

1. AI Content Assistant

Businesses today are looking for ways to boost their online presence via websites and social media platforms. Thus, the demand for AI Content Assistants who create marketing brochures, blog posts, etc., has increased. By using tools like Rev or Otter.ai, an AI Content Assistant would transcribe content from meetings and turn them into materials. After inputting the relevant content into ChatGPT with a specific prompt, they proofread the article's accuracy and consistency before publishing it. BoldHaus suggests that it takes approximately a week to learn how to use these tools. An AI Content Assistant can charge anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour for their services. Freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork are perfect platforms to find surging demand for this type of services.

2. Mobile Notary Public

Mobile Notary Publics are required while signing official documents like property deeds and wills to witness identities and content comprehension. According to the National Notary Association, around 30% of part-time notaries earn over $1000 per month. By the age of 30, most adults have either signed official documents or seen their colleagues discussing their contents. To become a Mobile Notary Public, reliable resources and a required exam must be followed. The application process can take up to two to three weeks and cost a couple of hundred dollars. After that, Social media or platforms like Nextdoor can establish new notaries in the local market.

3. Consultant

If one has expertise related to their work or ad-hoc projects, they should recommend consulting services.

By offering expert analysis or recommendations or tasks involved in project completion to businesses or individuals, consultants can help. Consulting jobs are available for all types of jobs from technical writing to employee training. With LinkedIn and other online resources and the expertise of 5-10 years in their field, 30-somethings can quickly become a consultant. Listings for such jobs can be found on LinkedIn, and individuals can also list their consulting services on their LinkedIn Profiles. Before proceeding with freelance jobs, confirm with your current employer about their side-hustle policies.

In conclusion, the popularity of side hustles has grown exponentially, and it's no wonder why. With demands for extra income, improved skills, and professional growth, side hustles can offer all the above. AI Content Assistants, mobile notary publics, and consultants are the best side hustles for 30-somethings looking to enrich themselves in 2022. The continuous rise of AI technology provides new business opportunities for AI Content Assistants, who can provide businesses with relevant marketing materials. As for mobile notary publics, the constant need for legal documents to be signed and identified provides a relatively low-cost business venture. Similarly, consultants can offer expert-level analysis and recommendations for companies, covering all fields of work.

Some businesses may see side hustles as a competitive threat as they rely on employee loyalty to succeed. However, businesses must accept that side hustles are not a deviation from core work, but a way to enhance personal and professional growth. In reality, when businesses give workers the opportunity to learn and grow, the business grows too. Furthermore, the increasing use of digital platforms such as LinkedIn and other freelance marketplaces is a signal that businesses must acknowledge alternative work arrangements. In summary, offering the opportunity to side hustle could be a new form of business strategy benefiting both the worker and the company.

Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/06/17/side-hustles-for-people-in-their-30s.html

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