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Poll Reveals High Levels of Concern Among Voters About Biden and Trump in Anticipation of 2024 Race

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Voters Express Concerns About Biden and Trump Ahead of 2024 Race

A recent national NBC News poll reveals that a significant majority of voters have expressed concerns about both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump as the 2024 presidential race looms. Three-quarters of voters are worried about Biden's age and mental fitness, while nearly two-thirds have concerns about the multiple trials Trump faces. The poll also indicates Trump's expanding lead in the Republican presidential nominating contest and a deadlocked hypothetical rematch between Biden and Trump. However, the survey highlights warning signs for Biden, including high disapproval of his job performance and low approval ratings for his handling of the economy.

Concerns about Biden's Age and Mental Health

The poll reveals that a combined 74% of registered voters have major or moderate concerns about Biden's age and whether he has the necessary mental and physical health to serve a second term as president. These concerns reflect the ongoing debate surrounding Biden's fitness for office.

Concerns about Trump's Trials and Biden's Son

Additionally, the poll shows that 62% of voters have major or moderate concerns about Trump facing criminal and civil trials for alleged wrongdoing, including attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Furthermore, 60% express concerns about Biden's possible awareness or involvement in the business dealings of his son, Hunter, including allegations of financial wrongdoing and corruption.

Challenges for Trump and Republicans

While Trump leads the Republican presidential contest by a significant margin, the poll highlights challenges for him and the Republican Party. Trump's overall unpopularity with the general electorate and his ability to galvanize political opposition, including those who have reservations about Biden, pose obstacles to his potential candidacy.

Interest in the Election and Party Preferences

The poll indicates that 67% of voters have high interest in the 2024 elections, although this is slightly lower compared to the same point in time before the 2020 election. Republican voters show a slightly higher interest in the upcoming election compared to Democratic voters. Additionally, voter preferences for next year's congressional elections are essentially tied, with a slight preference for a Democratic-controlled Congress. In conclusion, the NBC News poll highlights the concerns expressed by voters about both Biden and Trump as the 2024 presidential race approaches. While Biden faces challenges related to his age and job performance, Trump's trials and unpopularity with the general electorate pose obstacles for his potential candidacy. The poll provides insights into voter preferences and interest in the upcoming election, indicating a closely divided electorate.

Implications of 2024 Presidential Race Concerns on New Business Formation

The upcoming 2024 presidential race, marked by significant voter concerns about both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, could have notable implications for new business formation. The national NBC News poll reveals that voters are worried about Biden's age and mental fitness, while also expressing concerns about the multiple legal challenges Trump faces. These factors could create an environment of uncertainty, potentially impacting investor confidence and business decisions.

Impact of Political Uncertainty

Political uncertainty often leads to economic volatility, which can be a deterrent for new business formation. The concerns about Biden's ability to serve a second term due to his age and health, coupled with the legal trials faced by Trump, contribute to this uncertainty. This could potentially result in cautious investment behavior and a slowdown in new business formation.

Policy Continuity and Business Confidence

The deadlocked hypothetical rematch between Biden and Trump, as indicated by the poll, further exacerbates this uncertainty. Policy continuity is a significant factor that influences business confidence. The potential for a change in administration could lead to changes in economic and business policies, creating an unpredictable business environment.

Challenges for Business in a Divided Electorate

The poll also highlights a closely divided electorate, with preferences for the next congressional elections essentially tied. This political divide can result in policy gridlock, making it difficult for businesses to plan for the future. In essence, the concerns surrounding the 2024 presidential race, as revealed by the NBC News poll, could create an environment of uncertainty and volatility. This could potentially impact new business formation, as investors and entrepreneurs navigate the unpredictable political landscape.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/24/poll-overwhelming-majorities-express-concerns-about-biden-trump-ahead-of-2024-race.html
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