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Oil Experts Forecast Market Impact of Israel-Hamas Conflict: A Knee-Jerk Surge

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Experts Predict Limited Impact on Crude Oil Prices Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

Energy experts suggest that while crude oil prices may experience a temporary spike, the overall impact of the attack on Israel by Palestinian militants Hamas will likely be limited. This is contingent on the conflict not escalating further. Vandana Hari, CEO of Vanda Insights, anticipates a knee-jerk surge in crude prices when markets open on Monday, but emphasizes that there will be a risk premium until it is clear that the event will not disrupt oil and gas supplies in the Middle East. The recent infiltration of Israel by Hamas militants, following the firing of rockets into Israel from Gaza, has led to a bloody escalation in the conflict. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue the offensive until objectives are achieved, imposing restrictions on the Gaza Strip by cutting off the supply of electricity, fuel, and goods. While Israel and Palestine are not major oil players, the conflict is unfolding in a key oil-producing region, which raises concerns about potential wider implications. Although the conflict does not directly impact oil production or supply, it is situated on the doorstep of an important oil-producing and exporting region. Israel possesses two oil refineries with a combined capacity of nearly 300,000 barrels per day, while the Palestinian territories have no oil production. Market watchers echo the sentiment that the impact on oil prices will be limited unless the conflict escalates into a regional war involving the U.S., Iran, and other supporters of the parties involved. The war's impact on oil supply in the short term is expected to be minimal due to the Levant's limited oil production. However, there is a possibility of eventual impacts on supply and prices. Global oil inventories are currently low, and production cuts by major oil producers such as Saudi Arabia and Russia are expected to result in further inventory draws in the coming months. Crude oil prices recently reached their highest level in over a year before experiencing a slight decline. Despite this, experts caution that the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict has the potential to escalate into regional hostilities. On Sunday, Lebanon's Hezbollah militant group confirmed launching attacks on three sites in the Shebaa Farms, an area situated at the intersection of the Lebanese-Syrian border and the occupied Golan Heights. The Israeli Defense Force responded by striking Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure. In conclusion, while the Israel-Hamas conflict may cause a temporary spike in crude oil prices, experts believe that the overall impact on the market will be limited unless the situation escalates into a regional war. The conflict's proximity to an important oil-producing region raises concerns, but the immediate effects on oil supply and prices are expected to be minimal. However, the potential for wider regional hostilities remains a significant concern.

Israel-Hamas Conflict's Implications for New Business Formation

The recent Israel-Hamas conflict has raised eyebrows in the business world, especially among those planning new ventures. Although experts predict a limited impact on crude oil prices, the situation demands a closer look.

Temporary Spike in Crude Oil Prices

Vandana Hari, CEO of Vanda Insights, anticipates a temporary surge in crude prices when markets open. However, this is expected to stabilize once it's clear that the conflict won't disrupt Middle East oil and gas supplies. This temporary fluctuation could affect new businesses, particularly those heavily reliant on oil for their operations.
Conflict's Proximity to Key Oil-Producing Region
The conflict's location, close to an important oil-producing and exporting region, raises concerns about potential wider implications. While Israel and Palestine are not major oil players, any disruption in this region could have ripple effects on global oil supply and prices. This uncertainty could influence the strategic planning of new businesses, especially those in or dependent on the energy sector.

Potential for Regional Hostilities

The potential for the conflict to escalate into regional hostilities is a significant concern. Such a scenario could significantly impact global oil prices and supply, posing challenges for new businesses. This potential risk factor may need to be considered in business planning and risk management strategies. In essence, while the Israel-Hamas conflict may cause a temporary spike in oil prices, its overall impact on new business formation is likely to be limited, unless the situation escalates into a regional war. However, the uncertainty it brings to the table cannot be overlooked by new businesses, particularly those in the energy sector.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/10/08/israel-hamas-oil-experts-expect-knee-jerk-reaction-in-energy-markets.html
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