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OfficeSpace Launches Workplace Intelligence Technology for Office Utilization Benchmarking and Return-to-Office (RTO) Strategy

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OfficeSpace Software Introduces Workplace Intelligence Solution for Real Estate Optimization

OfficeSpace Software, the top-rated workplace management software, has announced the release of its Workplace Intelligence solution. This innovative technology helps facility and corporate real estate teams optimize real estate portfolios and operational expenses while improving the hybrid work culture. The Workplace Intelligence solution automates the collection, management, and data visualization of WiFi, badge, and desk booking data sources in intuitive cloud dashboards. Facility managers, heads of corporate real estate, and workplace experience strategists can make data-driven decisions about their real estate and employee experience strategies using this solution. The Workplace Intelligence technology saves users 3-10 hours a week by automating data collection and analysis workflows, eliminating data inaccuracies, and increasing time for strategic decision-making. It delivers a positive return on investment (ROI) across multiple business functions, from real estate to HR. The solution provides objective data to drive decisions that positively impact the bottom line and company culture. Using advanced dashboards, Workplace Intelligence benchmarks employee presence by site, department, employee type, and time. It collates presence data from WiFi, badge, and desk booking sources to help teams understand utilization patterns, workforce distribution, attendance trends, and more. The solution enables teams to schedule employee events and services, forecast new site selections, and have data-driven conversations with employees about return-to-office (RTO) strategies. OfficeSpace Software, founded in 2008, continues to innovate in the field of workplace management. With its recent additions of expert executives specializing in AI, Data, and B2C User Experience, the company is poised to lead in the industry. The Workplace Intelligence solution is the latest offering from OfficeSpace, empowering organizations to navigate the evolving work environment and optimize their space and employee experiences.

Implications of OfficeSpace's Workplace Intelligence Solution on New Businesses

The introduction of OfficeSpace's Workplace Intelligence solution is a game-changer for new businesses in the realm of real estate and facility management. This innovative technology not only optimizes real estate portfolios and operational expenses but also enhances the hybrid work culture, a key aspect of modern businesses. The solution's ability to automate data collection and analysis workflows can save new businesses significant time, allowing them to focus on strategic decision-making. Furthermore, the solution's potential to deliver a positive ROI across various business functions, including real estate and HR, is a significant advantage for startups looking to maximize their investments. The objective data provided by the solution can drive decisions that positively impact both the bottom line and company culture, two crucial elements for any new business. In addition, the advanced dashboards of the Workplace Intelligence solution offer a comprehensive understanding of employee presence, utilization patterns, and workforce distribution. This data-driven approach can help new businesses make informed decisions about scheduling employee events, selecting new sites, and planning return-to-office strategies. In essence, OfficeSpace's Workplace Intelligence solution could be the key to navigating the evolving work environment and optimizing space and employee experiences for new businesses. With its continuous innovation and recent additions of AI, Data, and B2C User Experience specialists, OfficeSpace is set to lead the industry, offering promising prospects for new businesses in the process.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/officespace-releases-workplace-intelligence-technology-to-benchmark-office-utilization-drive-return-to-office-rto-strategy
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