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Nike Running Coach Reveals Three Essential Keys to Successfully Crossing the Marathon Finish Line

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Preparing for Marathon Success: Insights from a Nike Running Coach

As the 2023 New York City Marathon approaches, runners are eagerly gearing up for the challenge. To ensure a successful marathon experience, Kristina Centenari, a running coach at Nike and strength coach at Tonal, shares three essential keys: preparation, gear, and mindset.

Preparation: Training and Accountability

Regardless of experience level, Centenari advises runners to dedicate six to eight months of training before a marathon. This extended preparation period allows the body to adapt to the demands of long-distance running. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of creating a training plan and sticking to it. Not only does this lead to concrete progress, but it also instills a sense of accountability.

Strength Training and Mobility

Centenari highlights the significance of incorporating strength training and mobility exercises, which she refers to as "off-road training," alongside running. This comprehensive approach helps build overall endurance, prevent injuries, and enhance performance.

Building a Supportive Community

In addition to physical training, Centenari emphasizes the value of community building. Connecting with fellow runners or loved ones who provide support and motivation can greatly impact the marathon journey. Having people cheering you on and being in your corner is an essential part of the process, according to Centenari.

Gear: Fueling and Hydration

To perform at their best, runners must equip themselves with the right gear. Centenari underscores the importance of fueling the body adequately during training and leading up to the marathon. Consuming easily-digestible carbohydrates, such as gels or goos, every 30 minutes provides the necessary energy. Hydration is equally crucial, and Centenari advises runners to grab water even when they think they don't need it. Slowing down at water stations and taking small sips can help maintain optimal hydration levels throughout the race.

Appropriate Clothing Choices

Choosing the right attire is another essential aspect of marathon preparation. Centenari recommends layering up in cold weather but avoiding excessive bundling. Trusting that the body will warm up, she suggests opting for thin layers over heavy ones. Paying attention to extremities, such as fingers and ears, by wearing gloves and a beanie can enhance comfort. Additionally, wearing clothes that can be discarded if necessary allows runners to adapt to changing temperatures during the race.

Mindset: Trusting in Your Preparation

As the marathon approaches, Centenari emphasizes the significance of mindset. Acknowledging that there will be moments of low motivation or challenging training days is crucial. Rather than fighting these ups and downs, Centenari advises runners to expect them as part of the process. Trusting in oneself and the preparation done so far is key. Remind yourself that you are ready for the challenge and rely more on trust than motivation. In conclusion, following these three keys—preparation, gear, and mindset—can set runners up for success in any marathon. By dedicating ample time to training, finding the right gear, and maintaining a positive mindset, runners can increase their chances of crossing the finish line with confidence.

Marathon Strategies: A Blueprint for New Business Success

The upcoming 2023 New York City Marathon has brought to light some vital strategies that could be beneficial not only for runners but also for new businesses. Kristina Centenari, a running coach at Nike, shares three essential keys - preparation, gear, and mindset - that are equally applicable to the world of business.

Preparation: The Foundation of Success

Centenari advises runners to dedicate six to eight months of training before a marathon. Similarly, new businesses need to invest time in market research, planning, and strategy development. Just as a training plan leads to concrete progress and instills accountability in runners, a well-crafted business plan can guide a new business towards its goals.
Strength Training and Community Building
In addition to running, Centenari emphasizes the importance of strength training and community building. For a new business, this could translate into strengthening core competencies and building a loyal customer base. A supportive community can greatly impact a business's journey, providing motivation and support.

Gear: The Right Tools for the Job

Just as runners need the right gear, businesses need the right tools and resources to succeed. This could include technology, skilled personnel, or financial resources. Adequate fueling and hydration for runners can be likened to ensuring a business has sufficient funding and resources to sustain its operations.

Mindset: The Power of Trust and Motivation

Finally, Centenari underscores the importance of mindset. For businesses, this means maintaining a positive attitude, expecting ups and downs, and trusting in the preparation and planning done. A strong, resilient mindset can help new businesses navigate challenges and increase their chances of success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/04/nyc-marathon-the-3-keys-to-finishing-a-marathon.html
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