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New York and Italian Authorities Arrest 16 in Major Crackdown on Gambino Family Mafia

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Gambino Family Mafia Crackdown: Arrests Made by New York and Italian Authorities

Federal prosecutors in New York have announced the arrest of 10 men allegedly belonging to or associated with the Gambino Mafia family. Additionally, Italian authorities have made six arrests of alleged organized crime members and associates. The defendants, accused of a racketeering conspiracy involving violent extortions, assaults, arson, and union-related crimes, are facing charges in Brooklyn federal court. Their alleged crimes were reportedly committed to establish dominance in New York's carting and demolition industries. The Gambinos, one of New York's five Cosa Nostra organized crime cliques, were previously led by the notorious boss John Gotti. Among those arrested in New York is the alleged Gambino captain Joseph "Joe Brooklyn" Lanni. The arrests were part of a coordinated operation with Italian law enforcement, who apprehended six defendants on charges including mafia association and related offenses. One defendant remains at large in the Italian case. The other defendants in Brooklyn include alleged Gambino soldiers Diego "Danny" Tantillo, Angelo Gradilone (also known as "Fifi"), and James LaForte, as well as alleged Sicilian Mafia members and Gambino associates Vito Rappa and Francesco Vicari (also known as "Uncle Ciccio"), and alleged Gambino associates Salvatore DiLorenzo, Robert Brooke, Kyle Johnson (also known as "Twin"), and Vincent Minsquero (also known as "Vinny Slick"). Stay tuned for further updates on this breaking news.

Implications of the Gambino Family Mafia Crackdown for New Business Ventures

The recent crackdown on the Gambino Mafia family by New York and Italian authorities offers a stark reminder of the potential risks and challenges that new businesses may face, particularly in industries such as carting and demolition where organized crime has historically held sway.

Understanding the Underlying Risks

The arrests of ten men allegedly associated with the Gambino Mafia family, accused of a racketeering conspiracy involving violent extortions, assaults, arson, and union-related crimes, underscores the potential hazards that new businesses may encounter. These alleged crimes were reportedly committed to establish dominance in New York's carting and demolition industries, sectors that new businesses may be looking to enter.

Navigating the Legal Landscape

The coordinated operation between New York and Italian law enforcement also highlights the importance of understanding the legal landscape in which a business operates. For new businesses, particularly those with international operations or partnerships, being aware of and compliant with both local and international laws is crucial.
Building a Resilient Business
In light of these developments, new businesses must prioritize building resilience into their operations. This includes implementing robust risk management strategies, fostering a culture of compliance, and establishing strong relationships with local law enforcement and regulatory bodies. In essence, while the crackdown on the Gambino Mafia family presents a cautionary tale, it also offers valuable lessons for new businesses. By understanding the risks, navigating the legal landscape, and building resilience, new businesses can better position themselves for success in a complex and dynamic environment.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/08/mafia-crackdown-16-arrested-in-new-york-italy-cases.html
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