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Navigating the Bond Market Sell-Off: BlackRock's Rick Rieder and His Successful ETF Strategy

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BlackRock's Rick Rieder: Navigating Bond Market Volatility with an Outperforming ETF

BlackRock's global fixed income CIO, Rick Rieder, has successfully navigated the bond market sell-off by capitalizing on opportunities to buy high-quality yields at discounted prices. Rieder's management of the BlackRock Flexible Income ETF (BINC) has resulted in the fund outperforming major bond ETFs during this period of market volatility.

Focus on Shorter-Term Bonds for Stability

Rieder attributes the success of the BINC fund to its focus on shorter-term bonds, which has allowed it to avoid some of the swings caused by recent interest rate movements. While long-term yields have experienced significant volatility, Rieder emphasizes that there are alternative ways to generate yield without extending duration or venturing further out on the yield curve.

Opportunities in Mortgage-Backed Securities

The BINC fund's portfolio includes top holdings such as mortgage-backed securities, the iShares iBoxx Investment Grade Corporate Bond Fund (LQD), and sovereign debt from Mexico and Brazil. Rieder highlights the shift in the mortgage market, which has enabled the fund to acquire highly-rated assets at discounted prices. The decreased demand from traditional buyers, such as banks, the Fed, and Japan, has created an opportunity to invest in agency mortgages that are both AAA-rated and highly liquid.

International Exposure and Currency Benefits

With nearly 40% of its exposure to assets outside the United States, the BINC fund takes advantage of the strong dollar by investing in overseas opportunities. Rieder explains that for U.S.-based investors, buying dollar assets can be costly due to hedging expenses. However, investing in European investment grade credit, for example, can provide a currency benefit to dollar investors. In conclusion, BlackRock's Rick Rieder has effectively managed the BINC fund during the bond market sell-off by focusing on shorter-term bonds and seizing opportunities in mortgage-backed securities. The fund's international exposure and ability to capitalize on currency benefits have further contributed to its success. With strong performance since its launch in May, the BINC fund continues to attract investors with its attractive yields, low expenses, and consistent monthly distributions.

The Impact of Bond Market Volatility on New Business Formation: A Look at BlackRock's Strategy

The recent bond market sell-off has created a challenging environment for new businesses. However, BlackRock's global fixed income CIO, Rick Rieder, offers a blueprint for navigating this volatility. His management of the BlackRock Flexible Income ETF (BINC) has resulted in the fund outperforming major bond ETFs during this tumultuous period.

Shorter-Term Bonds: A Buffer Against Volatility

Rieder's strategy focuses on shorter-term bonds, which have allowed the BINC fund to avoid some of the swings caused by recent interest rate movements. This approach could be a valuable lesson for new businesses looking to manage financial risks in volatile markets.
Capitalizing on Mortgage-Backed Securities
Rieder also highlights opportunities in mortgage-backed securities, a sector where decreased demand has led to discounted prices. New businesses, particularly those in the financial sector, might consider this strategy when looking for high-quality, liquid assets.

International Exposure: A Currency Benefit

The BINC fund's significant exposure to assets outside the United States demonstrates another savvy move by Rieder. By leveraging the strong dollar, the fund has been able to invest in overseas opportunities, providing a currency benefit. This strategy could offer new businesses a way to diversify their portfolios and potentially enhance returns. In essence, Rieder's successful navigation of the bond market sell-off offers valuable insights for new businesses. By focusing on shorter-term bonds, capitalizing on opportunities in mortgage-backed securities, and leveraging international exposure, businesses may be better positioned to weather market volatility and achieve financial success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/10/08/how-blackrocks-rieder-navigates-the-bond-market-sell-off-in-his-etf.html
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