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National Organization Formed to Hold Roman Catholic Church of Canada Accountable for Sex Crimes

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New National Organization Aims to Hold Roman Catholic Church of Canada Accountable for Sex Crimes

A newly formed group called Outrage Canada is taking a stand against sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church of Canada. The organization is committed to publicly holding church leaders accountable for past and present crimes of sexual abuse. Outrage Canada believes that the church's response thus far has prioritized avoiding scandal and protecting their reputation over ending sexual abuse and seeking justice for victims.

Seeking Justice and Prevention

Outrage Canada acknowledges the well-documented cases of sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church of Canada, with new civil and criminal cases emerging each year. The organization is dedicated to ensuring justice for victims and implementing measures to prevent future abuse within the church.

Challenging Legal Obligations

Outrage Canada emphasizes that all Canadian citizens, including clergy, are legally required to report any suspicions of child sexual abuse. They assert that canon law does not supersede civil law, and there should be no exception to reporting sexual abuse, even if it is disclosed during confession. The organization demands that all Catholic clergy be legally bound to report abuse and calls for the establishment of an independent national reporting center to investigate past and current sex crimes committed within the church. Outrage Canada believes that by working together, Canadians can put an end to sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church and hold the institution accountable for its actions. They encourage all Canadians to educate themselves about this national issue and join the Outrage Canada movement by visiting their website and becoming a member. Together, they aim to raise their voices of outrage and prevent further victimization within the church.

Hot Take: The Impact of Accountability Movements on New Businesses

The formation of Outrage Canada, an organization dedicated to holding the Roman Catholic Church of Canada accountable for sex crimes, signifies a broader societal shift towards transparency and accountability. This movement has implications for new businesses, particularly those in sectors related to public trust and safety.

Embracing Accountability

Outrage Canada's mission to seek justice for victims and prevent future abuse underscores the importance of accountability in institutions. For new businesses, this serves as a reminder that maintaining ethical practices and being accountable for actions is not just a legal obligation, but a social one.

Building Trust

The organization's demand for an independent national reporting center to investigate past and current sex crimes highlights the need for transparency in operations. This is a crucial lesson for new businesses, as transparency can help build trust with customers and stakeholders.
Community Engagement
Outrage Canada's call for Canadians to educate themselves about the issue and join their movement illustrates the power of community engagement. For new businesses, engaging with their community and addressing societal issues can enhance their reputation and foster stronger relationships. In conclusion, the emergence of accountability movements like Outrage Canada can influence how new businesses operate, emphasizing the importance of transparency, accountability, and community engagement.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/new-national-organization-to-hold-the-roman-catholic-church-of-canada-accountable-for-sex-crimes
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