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Meta Unveils Quest 3 VR Headset Amidst Growing Apple Competition

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Meta Unveils Quest 3 VR Headset Amidst Growing Apple Competition

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced the launch of the Quest 3, the highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling VR headset of all time. Priced at $499, the Quest 3 is $200 more expensive than its predecessor, but it boasts significant upgrades, including a more powerful chip from Qualcomm, improved screens, and a standout feature called "passthrough." Preorders for the Quest 3 will open on Wednesday, with shipping scheduled for October 10.

Enhanced Features and Functionality

The Quest 3's defining feature is its ability to provide users with a quick view of the real world outside the headset, making it more comfortable for extended use. By double-tapping any part of the headset while in an app, users can seamlessly switch to "passthrough" mode. Other notable improvements include "pancake lenses" that enhance image sharpness and resolution, as well as a new headband strap design for better weight distribution.

Competition with Apple and Market Dominance

The release of the Quest 3 comes at a time when Meta faces an impending battle with Apple in the virtual reality market. While Apple's Vision Pro headset is expected to launch next year with a starting price of $3,499, Meta aims to offer comparable features at a fraction of the cost. Meta's Quest 2 remains the best-selling VR headset of all time, with nearly 10 million units sold in 2022. However, it remains unclear how frequently Quest 2 owners utilize the device, and the search for a killer app or must-have scenario for VR continues. During a demo of the Quest 3, CNBC had the opportunity to test various games and programs, experiencing the updated hardware firsthand. The new headset features a slimmer design, improved speakers, and enhanced haptic feedback on the controllers. Powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chip, the Quest 3 boasts higher display resolutions, making text easier to read. Users can expect a battery life of approximately two hours and twelve minutes. In terms of usability, the Quest 3's emphasis on passthrough is a significant improvement. This feature allows users to see live video from the cameras outside the headset, creating a mixed reality experience. The Quest 3 can also scan the surrounding room, enabling apps to provide warnings and prevent collisions with physical objects. Meta's launch of the Quest 3 will undoubtedly be compared to Apple's Vision Pro headset, which is set to debut next year. While Meta positions the Quest as primarily a gaming device, Apple frames its offering as a computer. With a lineup of 500 games and apps, including popular titles like Ghostbusters, Assassin's Creed, and Stranger Things, Meta aims to solidify its position in the VR market.

Meta's Quest 3 VR Headset: Implications for New Business Ventures

As Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, unveils its latest VR headset, the Quest 3, it's clear that the landscape of virtual reality is rapidly evolving. This development could have significant implications for new businesses looking to enter the VR market.

The Quest 3: A New Standard in VR Technology

The Quest 3, priced at $499, boasts notable upgrades from its predecessor, including a more powerful Qualcomm chip, improved screens, and a standout feature called "passthrough." This feature allows users to quickly view the real world outside the headset, enhancing comfort for extended use. The headset's other improvements, such as enhanced image sharpness and resolution and a new headband strap design, set a new standard in VR technology.

Competing with Giants: The Apple Challenge

The launch of the Quest 3 comes as Meta faces increasing competition from tech giant Apple, which is expected to release its Vision Pro headset next year. While Apple's headset is projected to be significantly more expensive, starting at $3,499, Meta aims to offer comparable features at a fraction of the cost. This competition could potentially shape the strategies of new businesses entering the VR market.
Market Dominance and User Engagement
Despite the success of Meta's Quest 2, which remains the best-selling VR headset of all time, it's unclear how frequently owners use the device. The search for a killer app or must-have scenario for VR continues, posing a challenge for new businesses. However, the Quest 3's emphasis on passthrough, which creates a mixed reality experience, could provide a clue for businesses seeking to innovate in the VR space. In essence, Meta's launch of the Quest 3, amidst growing competition from Apple, presents both challenges and opportunities for new businesses in the VR market. The evolving landscape of VR technology, marked by enhanced features and functionality, sets the stage for innovation and competition in the sector.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/27/meta-announces-new-quest-3-vr-headset-as-apple-competition-looms-.html
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