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Memorízate Project from FIBGAR Chosen for World Forum for Democracy

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FIBGAR's Memorízate Project Selected for World Forum for Democracy

FIBGAR's Memorízate project has been chosen to be presented at the World Forum for Democracy, taking place from November 6 to 8 at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Memorízate, created by the Baltasar Garzón International Foundation (FIBGAR), aims to collect individual memories to build a collective story of the past and preserve our identities. The project focuses on strengthening democracy and promoting sustainable peace.

A Platform for Knowledge and Democracy

Memorízate will be presented in Lab 4: Knowledge is power, which showcases projects dedicated to generating knowledge and strengthening democracy. The initiative was selected from a pool of 400 proposals, highlighting its significance in fostering dialogue and creating a comprehensive understanding of historical events.

Reconstructing Collective Memory

Initially created in 2016, Memorízate seeks to reconstruct the collective memory of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship. The project has three main objectives: collecting individual stories and data, raising awareness about democratic memory through social media, and promoting intergenerational exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Three Active Subprojects

Memorízate consists of three subprojects that are currently active. The first, "Memorízate," aims to create an open and collaborative website where individuals can contribute data, documents, photographs, and testimonies to prevent them from being forgotten. The second subproject, "¡Memorízate! – ¡Activemos nuestra memoria democrática!," focuses on increasing awareness among young Spaniards through content dissemination on social networks. The third subproject, "¡Memorízate! – ¡Comprometámonos con la memoria!," aims to foster dialogue between young people and victims of the civil war and Francoism. In conclusion, FIBGAR's Memorízate project being selected for the World Forum for Democracy is a testament to its importance in preserving collective memory, promoting democracy, and facilitating intergenerational exchange.

Implications of FIBGAR's Memorízate Project for New Businesses

The selection of FIBGAR's Memorízate project for the World Forum for Democracy presents significant implications for new businesses, especially those in the knowledge and memory preservation sectors.

Driving a Culture of Knowledge Sharing

The Memorízate project, with its focus on collecting individual memories to build a collective narrative, underscores the value of knowledge sharing. This could inspire new businesses to incorporate similar strategies, fostering a culture of collaboration and shared learning.

Emphasizing the Role of Social Media

Memorízate's use of social media to raise awareness about democratic memory highlights the power of digital platforms in driving engagement and awareness. This could encourage new businesses to leverage social media more effectively in their marketing and engagement strategies.
Facilitating Intergenerational Exchange
The project's emphasis on promoting intergenerational exchange of knowledge and experiences could influence new businesses to create platforms that facilitate such exchanges. This could lead to the development of more inclusive and diverse business models. In conclusion, the Memorízate project's selection for the World Forum for Democracy could have far-reaching implications for new businesses. It could inspire them to foster a culture of knowledge sharing, leverage social media, and facilitate intergenerational exchanges, thereby contributing to a more inclusive and democratic society.
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