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Lengthening Residencies Will Exacerbate the Doctor Shortage: Gwyn Morgan

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Lengthening Residencies Will Exacerbate the Doctor Shortage: Gwyn Morgan

The shortage of doctors in Canada is a critical issue that requires attention and action. Gwyn Morgan argues against the idea of lengthening medical residencies as a solution and proposes alternative measures to address the shortage.

The Reality of Doctor Shortage

Canada is facing a growing shortage of doctors, particularly in primary care. The aging population and the decrease in the proportion of medical graduates choosing family medicine contribute to this pressing issue. The current path to becoming a doctor is arduous, with long years of education and training, making it challenging to meet the increasing demand for healthcare professionals.

A Different Approach

Morgan suggests doubling the acceptance rate of medical schools to accommodate more aspiring doctors. This would require maintaining high academic standards while increasing opportunities for admission. Additionally, expanding the number of residency slots to match the increase in medical school graduates is crucial to ensure sufficient training positions for new doctors. Morgan also highlights the need to address the demanding and sometimes traumatic nature of residencies. Adjusting resident working hours and eliminating the "slave/master" culture would improve the well-being and work-life balance of doctors in training. In contrast to the College of Family Physicians' proposal to extend family doctor residencies to three years, Morgan argues against this change. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of focusing on increasing the number of doctors entering the field. In conclusion, the shortage of doctors in Canada requires comprehensive solutions. By implementing Morgan's recommendations, such as expanding medical school acceptance rates, increasing residency slots, and improving the working conditions for residents, Canada can work towards alleviating the doctor shortage and ensuring accessible healthcare for all.

Impact of Doctor Shortage on New Healthcare Businesses

The ongoing doctor shortage in Canada, as highlighted by Gwyn Morgan, poses significant challenges for new healthcare businesses. With an aging population and a decrease in medical graduates choosing family medicine, the demand for healthcare professionals is outpacing the supply.

Challenges in Scaling

New healthcare businesses may struggle to scale their operations due to the limited number of doctors available. Lengthening residencies, as some propose, could further exacerbate this issue by delaying the entry of new doctors into the field.

Opportunities in Education and Training

However, Morgan's proposed solutions present opportunities for businesses. The suggestion to double medical school acceptance rates could lead to an increased demand for educational resources and training programs, creating a niche for businesses specializing in these areas.
Addressing Work Culture
Furthermore, improving the work-life balance of doctors in training by adjusting resident working hours and eliminating the "slave/master" culture could open avenues for businesses offering wellness programs and mental health support to healthcare professionals. In conclusion, while the doctor shortage in Canada presents challenges for new healthcare businesses, it also uncovers potential opportunities in education, training, and wellness support. Businesses that can adapt and cater to these needs may find success in this landscape.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/opinion/lengthening-residencies-worsen-doctor-shortage
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