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Lack of Consistent Protection for US Workers Exposed to Extreme Heat

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Lack of Consistent Protection for US Workers Exposed to Extreme Heat

A recent report highlights the concerning lack of consistent protection for workers in the United States who are exposed to extreme heat. The rising deaths and injuries resulting from extreme heat, whether in outdoor or indoor workplaces, are a harsh yet often overlooked consequence of climate change. Many of the affected workers are low-wage migrants. While state and federal governments have implemented procedures to address other climate-related risks, such as droughts and wildfires, protections for extreme heat have been inconsistent and lacking. Currently, there is no federal heat standard in place, and most of the hottest states in the US do not have heat-specific regulations. Instead, workers are ostensibly protected by the "general duty clause," which requires employers to mitigate hazards that could cause serious injury or death. However, the lack of specific guidelines makes it challenging for regulators to enforce these protections effectively. Some states have taken steps to adopt their own versions of heat safety programs, but there is a pressing need for consistent standards and enforcement across the country. The Biden administration has proposed new regulations to develop heat safety standards, but these mandates are subject to further review. Efforts are underway to pass legislation that would legislate heat standards and apply to all 50 states, ensuring the protection of private sector workers. However, industry opposition and varying conditions across states pose challenges to the implementation of consistent protections. In the absence of comprehensive regulations, the responsibility for protecting workers falls on individual employers, leading to inconsistent practices and potential risks.

Impact of Inconsistent Heat Protection on New Businesses

The lack of consistent protection for US workers exposed to extreme heat presents both challenges and opportunities for new businesses. The rising number of deaths and injuries due to heat exposure, especially among low-wage migrant workers, underscores the urgent need for businesses to prioritize worker safety.

Regulatory Challenges and Responsibilities

With no federal heat standard and inconsistent state regulations, new businesses face the challenge of navigating a complex and often unclear regulatory landscape. The "general duty clause" places the onus on employers to mitigate heat-related hazards, but the lack of specific guidelines can make compliance difficult.

Opportunities for Leadership

On the other hand, this situation presents an opportunity for new businesses to lead by example. By proactively implementing heat safety programs and advocating for consistent, enforceable standards, businesses can enhance their reputation, attract and retain employees, and potentially influence industry practices and regulations.
Adapting to Climate Change
As climate change exacerbates the risks of extreme heat, businesses must adapt to this new reality. This could involve investing in heat-protective equipment, modifying work schedules to avoid peak heat times, and providing training on heat safety. Ultimately, the way businesses respond to this issue could have significant implications for their success and sustainability in a warming world.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/workers-exposed-to-extreme-heat-have-no-consistent-protection-in-the-us
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