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Khosla Ventures Supports Initiative to Create CO2-Removing 'Orchards' with Lung-Like Material

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Spiritus: Building Carbon-Capturing Orchards with Lung-Like Material

Spiritus, a startup founded by CEO Charles Cadieu and CTO Matt Lee, has developed a groundbreaking direct air capture technology that mimics the architecture of the human lung. The company, which officially emerged from stealth mode with an $11 million funding raise led by Khosla Ventures, has built a novel approach to carbon capture using a lung-like material that passively absorbs carbon dioxide. By shaping this material into round balls and arranging them in carbon-capture orchards, Spiritus maximizes the surface area for carbon dioxide contact.

The Efficiency of Lung-Like Material

The lung-like material, known as a "sorbent," is capable of capturing significant quantities of carbon dioxide by exposing it to a large volume of air. This structure provides highly efficient contact with a large amount of active surface per unit volume, making the process viable, feasible, and economical. Spiritus' approach stands out in the direct air carbon capture field due to its lower energy requirements during both the absorption and desorption processes.

Driving Down Costs and Advancing Carbon Capture

Spiritus' focus on cost-effectiveness has attracted the attention of Khosla Ventures, which made its first direct air capture investment in the company. While direct air capture remains an expensive industry, Spiritus utilizes less energy compared to its competitors. The passive absorption of carbon dioxide and the low-energy desorption process contribute to the overall equation that drives down costs.

Towards a Carbon Negative Future

Spiritus aligns with the U.S. Department of Energy's initiative, known as the "Carbon Negative Shot," which aims to capture, remove, and store carbon dioxide for less than $100 per metric ton. The company is committed to achieving this goal and plans to partner with carbon sequestration specialists to store the captured carbon. In addition to its efficiency, Spiritus' artificial carbon orchards offer advantages over biologic forests. The smaller land footprint required for these orchards makes them more efficient in absorbing carbon dioxide. Furthermore, the carbon captured by artificial trees is permanently sequestered, unlike biologic trees that release carbon back into the atmosphere when they decompose or burn. In conclusion, Spiritus' innovative approach to carbon capture using lung-like material and carbon-capturing orchards shows great promise in addressing the challenges of carbon dioxide removal. With its focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and long-term carbon sequestration, Spiritus is poised to make a significant impact in the field of direct air carbon capture and contribute to a carbon-negative future.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

Spiritus' groundbreaking approach to carbon capture offers valuable insights for new businesses, particularly those operating in the environmental and sustainability sectors.

Innovation and Efficiency

Spiritus' lung-like material and carbon-capture orchards illustrate the power of innovation in addressing complex environmental challenges. This approach emphasizes the importance of efficiency in design and operation, a lesson that new businesses can apply to their own products and processes.
The company's focus on cost-effectiveness, demonstrated by its low-energy absorption and desorption processes, underscores the importance of economic viability in sustainability initiatives. New businesses should consider how they can balance environmental impact with economic feasibility.
Long-term Impact
Spiritus' commitment to long-term carbon sequestration aligns with broader initiatives to achieve a carbon-negative future. This highlights the potential for new businesses to contribute to long-term environmental goals and the importance of aligning business strategies with these objectives. In conclusion, Spiritus' innovative approach to carbon capture provides a blueprint for new businesses in the environmental and sustainability sectors. By focusing on innovation, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and long-term impact, new businesses can position themselves as key contributors to a carbon-negative future.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/06/khosla-ventures-backs-carbon-removal-company-with-lung-like-material.html
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