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Ken Griffin of Citadel Expresses Market Anxiety, Predicts Late-Stage Rally

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Ken Griffin Expresses Market Anxiety, Predicts Late-Stage Rally

Ken Griffin, the founder and CEO of Citadel, recently shared his uncertainty about the sustainability of the stock-market rally as the economy begins to feel the impact of rate hikes. Speaking on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street," Griffin expressed his anxiety about the continuation of the rally, noting that the market may be in the seventh or eighth inning of its current upward trend.

Market Drivers and Resilience

Griffin highlighted the frenzy over generative AI as one of the major drivers of the rally, particularly for Big Tech stocks. The S&P 500 has experienced a 17% rally this year, largely fueled by the success of megacap technology companies that are closely tied to the artificial intelligence boom. Despite the Federal Reserve's aggressive tightening campaign, with the highest fed funds rate since 2007, the stock market has shown resilience.

Anticipating Challenges and Rate Hikes

Griffin expressed surprise at the market's strength amidst the tightening campaign, which is the most aggressive since the early 1980s. However, he believes that maintaining the solid gains of 2023 may become challenging as the negative effects of rate hikes start to emerge. Griffin also mentioned the possibility of one more rate increase later this year, highlighting that it takes time for interest rate hikes to impact the economy.

Emerging Impact and Weakening Job Market

As the effects of rate hikes begin to play out, Griffin expects to see the impact on the job market, which has already shown signs of weakening. The unexpected rise in the unemployment rate to 3.8% in August, the highest since February 2022, indicates potential challenges ahead. In conclusion, Ken Griffin's concerns about the market and his prediction of a late-stage rally highlight the uncertainties and potential risks in the current economic landscape. The market's resilience amidst rate hikes and the impact of these hikes on the job market will be key factors to watch. As the market evolves, investors and businesses should remain vigilant and adaptable to navigate potential challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Conclusion: Implications of Market Anxiety for New Businesses

Ken Griffin's expressed concerns about the sustainability of the stock-market rally and the impact of rate hikes offer critical insights for new businesses. His predictions of a late-stage rally and the potential challenges that accompany rate hikes highlight the need for businesses to stay alert and adaptable.

Understanding Market Trends

For new businesses, understanding market trends, such as the current rally driven by generative AI, is crucial. The success of Big Tech stocks can provide valuable lessons for businesses looking to leverage technology and innovation.

Anticipating Economic Shifts

Griffin's anticipation of challenges due to rate hikes serves as a reminder for businesses to be prepared for economic shifts. The potential for one more rate increase this year and the time it takes for such hikes to impact the economy should be factored into business strategies.

Preparing for Job Market Changes

The weakening job market, as indicated by the rise in the unemployment rate, suggests potential challenges for businesses in terms of talent acquisition and retention. Businesses must be proactive in their human resource strategies to navigate these changes. In conclusion, Griffin's market anxiety and predictions provide valuable insights for new businesses. Understanding market trends, anticipating economic shifts, and preparing for job market changes are key considerations for businesses to navigate uncertainties and seize opportunities in the evolving economic landscape.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/14/citadels-ken-griffin-says-hes-anxious-about-the-market-seeing-rally-in-the-7th-or-8th-inning.html
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