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iTest Chooses Advantest V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test System

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iTest Selects Advantest V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test System

Advantest Corporation, a leading semiconductor test equipment supplier, has announced that iTest, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based IC testing laboratory, has chosen the Advantest V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test System for testing advanced digital ICs. The new system, installed at iTest's facility in Milpitas, California, will enable the lab to expand its capabilities and meet the demanding test requirements of high-performance devices, including mobile processors, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI) ICs. The V93000 EXA Scale system, equipped with Advantest's Pin Scale 5000 digital card and XPS256 power supply, offers advanced features and maintains backward compatibility with earlier V93000 generations. This ensures a seamless transition for iTest while providing the necessary tools to meet the increasing complexity of new devices. Rabbi Islam, CEO of iTest, expressed confidence in the investment, citing the technical specifications of the tester and Advantest's commitment to service and support. The Pin Scale 5000 digital instrument provides deep vector memory, while the XPS256 device power supply offers industry-leading accuracy and dynamic response. Advantest's Xtreme Link technology enables high-speed data connections and instant card-to-card communication. The V93000 EXA Scale system, along with its companion instruments, provides iTest with headroom for future growth. Advantest's V93000 platform has been a flagship SoC test platform for over two decades, offering a range of options and complementary test instruments. In conclusion, iTest's selection of the Advantest V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test System strengthens their testing capabilities and positions them to meet the evolving demands of advanced digital ICs. The advanced features and compatibility of the system provide iTest with the necessary tools for continued success in the semiconductor testing industry.

Implications of iTest's Selection of Advantest V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test System for New Businesses

The recent selection of the Advantest V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test System by iTest, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based IC testing laboratory, signifies a major shift in the semiconductor testing landscape. For new businesses venturing into this industry, this development presents both opportunities and challenges.

Enhanced Testing Capabilities and Industry Standards

The V93000 EXA Scale system is equipped with advanced features such as deep vector memory and high-speed data connections, setting a high bar for IC testing. New businesses must match or exceed these capabilities to stay competitive. The system's compatibility with earlier V93000 generations also highlights the importance of backward compatibility in the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry.
Investment in Advanced Technology and Support
iTest's CEO Rabbi Islam's confidence in the investment underscores the importance of technical specifications and service support in the industry. New businesses must not only invest in advanced technology but also ensure robust service and support to succeed in this industry. In conclusion, iTest's selection of the Advantest V93000 EXA Scale SoC Test System has set a new industry standard. New businesses must adapt to these changes and equip themselves with advanced testing capabilities and robust support systems to thrive in the semiconductor testing industry.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/itest-selects-advantest-v93000-exa-scale-soc-test-system
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