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IRS Deadline Alert: Avoid Tax Time Surprises by Meeting the September 15 Deadline

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Don't Miss the Sept. 15 Deadline: Stay Ahead of Your Tax Obligations

As the September 15 deadline approaches, it's crucial to ensure that you're meeting your tax obligations to the IRS. While many employers withhold taxes from every paycheck, freelancers, self-employed workers, small business owners, investors, and others are responsible for making quarterly estimated tax payments. If you expect an annual tax liability of $1,000 or more, it's typically necessary to make these quarterly payments.

The Importance of Estimated Tax Payments

According to Sean Lovison, a certified financial planner with WJL Financial Advisors, estimated tax payments are essential for meeting tax obligations throughout the year, avoiding penalties, and staying on top of your finances. It's crucial to calculate your tax payments accurately, pay them on time, and consider meeting the "safe harbor" rule to avoid underpayment penalties.

Understanding the "Safe Harbor" Rule

To avoid underpayment penalties, it's important to meet the requirements of the IRS's "safe harbor" rule. This means paying at least 90% of the current year's tax liability or 100% of the previous year's taxes, whichever is smaller. However, high-income taxpayers face slightly different rules. If your adjusted gross income in 2022 was $150,000 or more, you need to pay the lower of 90% of the current year's tax liability or 110% of the previous year's taxes to meet the safe harbor requirement for 2023.

Electronic Payments: Easy, Fast, and Secure

The IRS recommends electronic payments as the easiest, fastest, and most secure option for making estimated tax payments. Online options include payments through your online account, using Direct Pay, the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, and more. It's worth noting that debit and credit card payments may incur a fee. In conclusion, meeting the Sept. 15 deadline and staying on top of your tax obligations is crucial to avoid penalties and ensure a smooth tax experience. By making accurate and timely estimated tax payments, you can stay current with the "pay-as-you-go" U.S. tax system. Take advantage of electronic payment options for convenience and security. For more information on making payments, consult the IRS website.

Conclusion: The Impact of Tax Obligations on New Businesses

The upcoming September 15 tax deadline could have significant implications for new businesses. As the deadline approaches, it's crucial for businesses, particularly those with self-employed workers or freelancers, to ensure they're meeting their tax obligations.

Staying Ahead of Tax Obligations

New businesses must prioritize making accurate and timely estimated tax payments to avoid penalties and maintain good financial health. Understanding and adhering to the IRS's "safe harbor" rule can also help businesses avoid underpayment penalties.
Embracing Electronic Payments
The IRS's recommendation of electronic payments presents an opportunity for businesses to streamline their tax payment process. By embracing this method, businesses can ensure faster, easier, and more secure transactions. In conclusion, the September 15 tax deadline is a crucial date for new businesses. By staying on top of tax obligations and leveraging electronic payment options, businesses can ensure a smooth tax experience. As businesses navigate the "pay-as-you-go" U.S. tax system, understanding and meeting tax obligations is not just a legal requirement, but also a key aspect of financial stability and success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/11/irs-meet-this-sept-15-deadline-to-avoid-a-surprise-at-tax-time.html
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