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Introducing J'assure ma cause: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Philanthropic Financing through Life Insurance Donations

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J'assure ma cause: Simplifying Life Insurance Donations for Charitable Causes

Residents of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick now have a simple and secure way to support registered charities through an innovative program called J'assure ma cause. This program revolutionizes philanthropy by allowing donors to purchase life insurance policies that benefit the causes they care about. By designating a registered organization as the policyholder and beneficiary, donors ensure that the capital from the policy is paid directly to the charitable cause upon their death.

A Lasting Legacy of Support

Chantale Vigneault, a financial security advisor affiliated with Groupe Cloutier and Co-Founder of J'assure ma cause, emphasizes that making a planned gift of life insurance leaves a lasting legacy that can increase in value over time. Unlike conventional cash donations, life insurance policies offer a tangible way to amplify support for charities.

Inspired by Personal Experience

The inspiration behind J'assure ma cause comes from the story of Ariane Pinette's family, who relied on the support of registered charities for her treatment. Chantal Boisvert, Ariane's mother, highlights the priceless impact of donations for families in need. J'assure ma cause aims to simplify the process of supporting the community through life insurance donations.
Simplifying the Gift of Life Insurance
Donors can tailor a life insurance policy to their budget and needs, naming their chosen organization as the policyholder and beneficiary. By paying the premiums stipulated in the insurance contract, donors can benefit from associated tax credits. Upon the donor's death, the capital of the life insurance policy is paid directly to the beneficiary organization, tax-free.
Supporting Charities and Donors
J'assure ma cause not only benefits the charities but also rewards donors. When a new donor is approved, the program automatically donates $125 to the recipient organization. Registered organizations receive quarterly payments reflecting accumulated donations. Additionally, the life insurance capital paid to the beneficiary organization upon the donor's death varies depending on the insurance contract and time of death. In conclusion, J'assure ma cause offers a streamlined approach to life insurance donations, empowering donors to make a lasting impact on the causes they care about. By simplifying the process and providing financial benefits to both charities and donors, this program aims to facilitate sustainable financing for registered organizations and create a better future for generations to come.

Hot Take: The Impact of J'assure ma cause on New Businesses

The innovative program J'assure ma cause, which simplifies life insurance donations for charitable causes, could have a profound impact on new businesses, particularly those in the philanthropic and insurance sectors. This program, currently available to residents of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick, revolutionizes the way donors support registered charities.

Creating a Lasting Legacy

J'assure ma cause allows donors to leave a lasting legacy that can grow over time, a concept emphasized by co-founder Chantale Vigneault. For businesses in the insurance sector, this presents an opportunity to tap into a new market of socially conscious consumers looking to make a difference.

Inspiration and Impact

The personal experience of Ariane Pinette's family, which inspired the creation of J'assure ma cause, highlights the significant impact of donations on families in need. New businesses could learn from this, understanding that their products or services can have a far-reaching impact on the community.
Simplifying the Process
J'assure ma cause simplifies the process of donating through life insurance, allowing donors to tailor policies to their needs. This streamlined approach could serve as a model for new businesses aiming to simplify complex processes for their customers. In conclusion, J'assure ma cause offers valuable insights for new businesses. By simplifying processes, creating lasting impact, and understanding the profound effect of their services on the community, new businesses can carve out a successful path in their respective industries.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/official-launch-of-jassure-ma-cause-an-innovative-philanthropic-financing-solution-that-makes-it-easy-to-donate-life-insurance-to-a-charitable-cause
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