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Insights from Private Bankers and Wealth Advisors: Investing $1 Million for the Next Decade

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Investment Strategies for the Next Decade: Insights from Experts

Changing Landscape for Investors

Investment advisors and wealth managers believe that the next 10 years will differ significantly from the previous two decades. Charles-Henry Monchau, Chief Investment Officer at Swiss private bank Syz, warns against making long-term decisions based solely on recent history and urges investors not to extrapolate too much. Monchau predicts that inflation, contrary to the past two decades, is likely to remain higher for a longer duration due to commodity supply shortages, reshoring of production by companies, and labor shortages in critical roles caused by demographic changes. These conditions could lead to increased volatility and lower returns for assets that have performed well in the past.

Investing in Global Equities

For long-term investors, Monchau recommends having a significant portion of the portfolio allocated to global equities. He advises clients with assets ranging from $1 million to $5 million to prioritize equity investments, particularly for those with a long-term time horizon. In addition to stocks and bonds, Monchau suggests three options to address higher inflation: being more flexible with asset allocation between stocks and cash, adding assets like real estate investment trusts (REITs) and commodities that can serve as inflation hedges, and allocating a portion of the portfolio to illiquid alternative investments.

Accessing Previously Restricted Private Markets

Monchau highlights European Long-term Investment Funds (ELTIFs) as a means to access previously restricted private markets. Although investors should be aware that their funds will not be readily available for withdrawal, ELTIFs allow individual investors to invest alongside institutions in assets such as infrastructure, private equity, and private credit. Monchau emphasizes that these instruments are not designed for high returns but rather for wealth preservation. He suggests allocating up to 50% of a portfolio to several ELTIFs, which offer highly diversified portfolios targeting low double-digit returns with low risk.

Portfolio Diversification and Income Generation

Monchau advises investors to allocate to other asset classes, such as fixed income, to ensure portfolio diversification and a regular income stream. Jamie Cox, a financial planner at Harris Financial Group, expects international stocks to outperform U.S. stocks in the coming decade due to changing market dynamics influenced by rising rates and inflation. Cox recommends focusing on high dividend stocks in sectors like consumer staples, telecoms, and energy to generate income. He also suggests considering companies like Unilever, Nestle, Crown Castle, and American Tower as potential investments. Cox advises against painting the entire technology sector with a broad brush and highlights the value of high dividend-paying tech stocks like Broadcom. In conclusion, investment advisors suggest adjusting investment strategies for the next decade. Prioritizing global equities, diversifying portfolios, and focusing on income generation through high dividend stocks are key considerations. Additionally, accessing previously restricted private markets can offer opportunities for wealth preservation. It is important for investors to adapt to the changing landscape and seek professional advice tailored to their specific financial goals and time horizons.

Investment Strategies for the Next Decade: Implications for New Business Formation

Adapting to a Changing Investment Landscape

As investment advisors and wealth managers forecast a significant shift in the investment landscape over the next decade, new businesses must adapt to these changes. Charles-Henry Monchau, CIO at Swiss private bank Syz, predicts higher inflation and increased volatility, which could impact business financing and investment returns.

Opportunities in Global Equities

Monchau's recommendation for long-term investors to allocate a significant portion of their portfolio to global equities could present opportunities for new businesses. This could potentially lead to increased capital availability for businesses seeking equity financing, particularly those operating in sectors favored by investors.

Accessing Private Markets

The highlight on European Long-term Investment Funds (ELTIFs) as a means to access previously restricted private markets could also impact new business formation. While these instruments are not designed for high returns, they offer opportunities for wealth preservation. New businesses could potentially benefit from increased investment in these funds, particularly those operating in sectors like infrastructure, private equity, and private credit.

Diversification and Income Generation

The advice to diversify portfolios and focus on income generation through high dividend stocks could influence investor behavior. This could impact new businesses, particularly those in sectors like consumer staples, telecoms, and energy, which are often associated with high dividend yields.
Final Thoughts
In the end, the predicted changes in investment strategies for the next decade present both challenges and opportunities for new businesses. Adapting to these changes and understanding investor behavior will be crucial for businesses seeking to attract investment and achieve growth in the coming years.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/10/09/how-to-invest-1-million-for-the-next-decade-according-to-the-pros.html
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