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Indonesian President Jokowi Deploys Army to Combat Haze from Fires

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Indonesia Deploys Military to Combat Forest Fires Causing Haze

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has ordered the military and police to address the issue of forest fires, which have resulted in neighboring countries experiencing unhealthy air quality due to the smoke. The president, known as Jokowi, emphasized the need for immediate action, regardless of the size of the hotspot. Singapore and Malaysia have raised concerns about the spread of haze from the fires, with air pollution levels reaching unhealthy levels in some areas. Forest fires, often caused by illegal burning for agricultural purposes, disrupt tourism, cause respiratory illnesses, and have significant economic implications. The dry season exacerbates the issue, and the delayed wet season may prolong the burning.

Environmental and Economic Impact

The recurring problem of haze from forest fires affects not only the environment but also the economy of Southeast Asian countries. The disruption to tourism, health issues, and economic losses highlight the urgency of addressing and preventing these fires.

Challenges of Illegal Burning Practices

Despite government efforts to combat illegal burning practices, the problem persists. The clearing of farmland for cash crops like palm oil through burning continues to contribute to the occurrence of forest fires.
Efforts to Control and Prevent Fires
President Jokowi acknowledges the severity of the situation and the need for better control. He highlights the differences between the current situation and the strong El Nino in 2015, which caused widespread haze and significant health consequences. The deployment of the military and police aims to control and prevent further fires. In conclusion, the deployment of the military and police to combat forest fires causing haze in Indonesia reflects the urgency to address this recurring issue. The environmental and economic impact of these fires necessitates immediate action and efforts to control and prevent future occurrences.

Implications of Indonesian Forest Fires for New Businesses

Impact on Tourism and Health

The recurring issue of haze from forest fires in Indonesia, resulting in unhealthy air quality in neighboring countries, presents a significant challenge for new businesses, particularly in the tourism and health sectors. The disruption to tourism could deter potential investors and tourists, affecting businesses reliant on this industry. Additionally, the increase in respiratory illnesses could strain healthcare businesses and demand innovative solutions.

Opportunities in Sustainable Agriculture

The persistence of illegal burning practices for agricultural purposes, despite government efforts, suggests an opportunity for businesses promoting sustainable agriculture. New ventures could provide alternatives to these harmful practices, potentially contributing to the prevention of future fires.
Role in Fire Control and Prevention
President Jokowi's call for immediate action to control and prevent fires highlights a potential role for businesses in fire management. Companies offering technologies or services for fire control and prevention could find a significant market in Indonesia and similar regions. In conclusion, the forest fires and resulting haze in Indonesia present both challenges and opportunities for new businesses. Understanding and addressing the environmental and economic impacts of these fires could be key to their success and contribution to solving this issue.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/jokowi-calls-in-army-to-help-fight-indonesian-fires-causing-haze
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