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High-Speed NFL Streaming: A Positive Development for Sports Betting Stocks

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The Potential Impact of High-Speed NFL Streaming on Sports Betting Stocks

According to Wells Fargo, the evolving landscape of how Americans watch sports could have positive implications for gambling stocks. Several sports betting companies have secured deals with the NFL, allowing them to stream nationally televised games, such as NBC's "Sunday Night Football," within their mobile apps. Initial results indicate that this technology has been well-received by bettors who wish to place wagers in between plays.

Enhancing the In-Game Betting Experience

During the first week of the NFL season, the Caesars Sportsbook app successfully streamed the NFL Sunday Night Football game with minimal latency, outperforming live TV by 20-30 seconds. This development in the sports betting and media ecosystem has the potential to increase in-game betting opportunities. Other sportsbooks, including Fanatics and Flutters' FanDuel, are also working on incorporating in-app streaming capabilities.

Benefits for Sportsbooks and Bettors

The speed at which a sportsbook can stream video and accept online wagers is crucial in determining the types of live betting options it can offer. With high-speed streaming, live odds to win a game can be updated after significant plays, rather than solely during commercial breaks. This not only expands the number of wagers made but also has the potential to increase the hold for sportsbooks, which refers to the margin they make on all bets.

Expanding Opportunities without Changing Consumer Preferences

Wells Fargo notes that for sportsbooks like Caesars, the key to benefiting from this change is not necessarily winning over mass audiences. While consumer preferences for watching football games on big screens are not expected to change significantly, the ability to stream live NFL games and place bets on a single screen without noticeable latency issues is a significant development. Over time, this advancement could potentially influence negotiations for sports media rights. In conclusion, the integration of high-speed NFL streaming within mobile sports betting apps presents promising opportunities for gambling stocks. The ability to provide seamless, in-app streaming of live games and facilitate in-game betting has the potential to enhance the overall betting experience. While consumer preferences for watching games on larger screens may remain unchanged, this development could play a significant role in the evolving sports betting and media ecosystem, impacting negotiations for sports media rights in the future.

Conclusion: The Future of Sports Betting in the Era of High-Speed Streaming

The advent of high-speed NFL streaming within sports betting apps could revolutionize the gambling industry. For new businesses in this sector, this development presents a unique opportunity to capitalize on the growing trend of in-game betting.

Adapting to Technological Advancements

New businesses must adapt to these technological advancements to stay competitive. Incorporating high-speed streaming capabilities into their platforms could attract a wider audience of bettors who value the convenience of placing wagers in real-time.
Implications for Business Strategy
Moreover, this development could influence business strategies, particularly in terms of securing sports media rights. As Wells Fargo suggests, the ability to offer seamless, in-app streaming of live games could become a significant bargaining chip in negotiations. In conclusion, the integration of high-speed NFL streaming within sports betting apps could significantly impact new businesses in the gambling industry. It presents a promising opportunity to enhance the betting experience, attract a wider audience, and potentially influence future negotiations for sports media rights. As such, new businesses must stay abreast of these developments and adapt their strategies accordingly to thrive in the evolving sports betting landscape.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/11/this-high-speed-stream-of-the-nfl-could-be-good-news-for-sports-betting-stocks.html
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