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High Dividend Stocks: Bank of America's Insights on Safety and Risk

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Bank of America's Insights on Dividend Stocks: Safety and Risk

During times of market volatility, dividend stocks can provide a reliable source of income for investors. However, it is important to note that not all dividends are equally safe. Recognizing this, Bank of America has conducted an analysis to identify companies with high dividend yields that are also financially secure.

Dividends and Economic Uncertainty

Investors often turn to dividend-paying equities during periods of economic uncertainty. While the bond market has recently offered high yields, these are expected to decline as the Federal Reserve concludes its rate-hiking cycle. Dividends, on the other hand, are not guaranteed, and some companies may reduce or eliminate their payouts during challenging times.

Bank of America's Assessment

Bank of America's analysis focused on companies with higher dividend yields compared to their historical performance and their industry peers. Additionally, they examined the leverage levels of these companies, distinguishing between those with high debt-to-asset ratios and those with lower debt loads. Companies with high leverage and stretched dividends may be at greater risk of cutting their dividends, according to Bank of America's chief equity strategist, Savita Subramanian. Bank of America has identified several stocks that offer a combination of a strong balance sheet and high, yet safe, dividends. One such stock is T. Rowe Price, a financial name that currently yields about 5.2%. The Baltimore-based asset manager recently reported better-than-expected earnings for the third quarter, with adjusted earnings per share surpassing analyst estimates. Despite a year-to-date decline in shares, the company's strong financial performance makes its dividend appear secure. On the other hand, Bank of America has also identified highly-leveraged companies with potentially stretched dividends. KeyCorp, a Cleveland-based regional bank, tops the list with an estimated net debt-to-equity ratio of 2.6. FactSet reports its latest yield at 7.1%. KeyCorp has faced challenges, including a significant decline in share price this year. Similarly, Walgreens Boots Alliance, a pharmacy chain with an 8.8% dividend yield, is also highly leveraged, with a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.8. The company's weaker forward guidance and disappointing earnings have contributed to a substantial decline in its share price. In conclusion, Bank of America's analysis sheds light on the safety and risk associated with dividend stocks. While some stocks offer secure dividends backed by a strong financial position, others with high leverage may be at risk of cutting their payouts. Investors should carefully consider these factors when making investment decisions.

The Implications of Dividend Stocks: A Hot Take on New Business Formation

Bank of America's recent analysis of dividend stocks offers valuable insights for new businesses navigating the volatile market landscape. The study highlights the dual nature of dividends as both a potential source of income and a risk, depending on a company's financial stability.

Dividends Amidst Economic Uncertainty

In uncertain economic times, investors often turn to dividend-paying equities. However, dividends are not guaranteed, and companies may reduce or eliminate their payouts during challenging periods. This reality underscores the need for new businesses to maintain financial resilience, especially if they plan to offer dividends to attract investors.

High Leverage and Dividend Risk

Bank of America's assessment distinguishes between companies with high and low leverage. Those with high debt-to-asset ratios and stretched dividends may be more likely to cut their dividends, a risk that new businesses should carefully consider when structuring their finances.

Safe Dividends and Financial Stability

On the other hand, companies with strong balance sheets and high, yet safe, dividends present a more favorable investment opportunity. T. Rowe Price, for example, offers a high dividend yield and has demonstrated strong financial performance, making its dividend appear secure.

Highly Leveraged Companies and Dividend Risk

However, highly leveraged companies like KeyCorp and Walgreens Boots Alliance, despite their high dividend yields, face potential risks due to their significant debt loads. Their challenges serve as a cautionary tale for new businesses considering a high-leverage strategy. In essence, Bank of America's analysis provides a roadmap for new businesses, highlighting the importance of financial stability and prudent leverage management when offering dividends. These insights can help shape strategic decisions and risk management for new business formations.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/03/stocks-paying-high-dividends-that-are-safe-and-ones-that-are-not.html
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