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Helius Medical Technologies Reveals Study Results Showing PoNS Therapy's Effectiveness in Facilitating Traumatic Brain Injury Patients' Return to Work

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Helius Medical Technologies Study Shows PoNS Therapy™ Aids Traumatic Brain Injury Patients' Return to Work

Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. has released the results of a study demonstrating the effectiveness of PoNS Therapy™ in facilitating the return to work for patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). The collaborative project between Pacific Blue Cross and HealthTech Connex aimed to reduce long-term disability and improve the quality of life for individuals suffering from TBI. The study showed that after 14 weeks of PoNS Therapy, 56% of participants who were previously unable to work due to TBI were able to return to their prior occupations. The study, co-sponsored by Pacific Blue Cross and HealthTech Connex, was performed at the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic and analyzed by the Centre for Neurology Studies. The findings highlight the potential of PoNS Therapy in improving RTW outcomes for TBI patients.

Key Findings of the Study

The study revealed several key findings, including: - 56% of participants returned to work after receiving PoNS Therapy. - 80% of those who returned to work resumed their prior occupations full-time for at least six months. - 67% of participants experienced a clinically significant improvement in balance and gait. - 89% reported that balance and gait were no longer barriers to returning to work. - 50% of participants who experienced headaches as a barrier to work saw a reduction in headache severity.

Significance of the Study

The study's results have significant implications for individuals with TBI, as well as for healthcare providers and insurers. The ability of PoNS Therapy to improve balance and gait, reduce headaches, and enhance overall occupational performance offers hope for TBI patients who have previously been deemed unlikely to return to work. The findings also highlight the potential cost savings for insurance providers, with the five individuals who returned to work estimated to have saved approximately $1.6 million in long-term disability claims. In conclusion, the study demonstrates the substantial impact of PoNS Therapy on the lives of individuals with TBI. The therapy not only improves physical symptoms but also provides financial relief to insurance providers. These findings contribute to the growing body of evidence supporting the use of PoNS Therapy in improving the health and well-being of TBI patients.

A Fresh Perspective: How Helius Medical Technologies' PoNS Therapy™ Could Revolutionize New Businesses in the Healthcare Sector

The recent study by Helius Medical Technologies, Inc., demonstrating the effectiveness of PoNS Therapy™ in aiding the return to work for patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), could significantly impact new businesses in the healthcare sector. This innovative therapy, which has shown potential in improving return-to-work outcomes for TBI patients, could become a game-changer for startups and new ventures focusing on neurorehabilitation and disability management.

The Potential Impact on New Businesses

The key findings of the study, including the impressive 56% return-to-work rate and the significant improvement in balance and gait, present an exciting opportunity for new businesses. Companies developing similar therapies or complementary services could leverage these results to attract investment, drive research and development, and ultimately, improve patient care.

Challenges and Opportunities

While the potential is significant, new businesses must also consider the challenges. The high standards set by PoNS Therapy™ mean that new entrants must offer equally effective, safe, and reliable solutions. However, the potential cost savings for insurance providers and the improved quality of life for patients underscore the vast opportunities in this field. In conclusion, the impact of PoNS Therapy™ on TBI patients' lives is a testament to the transformative power of innovative healthcare solutions. This development could serve as a catalyst for new businesses, spurring growth and fostering innovation in the healthcare sector.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/globe-newswire/helius-medical-technologies-inc-announces-study-results-demonstrating-that-pons-therapy-helps-patients-with-traumatic-brain-injury-return-to-work
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