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HanesBrands and University of Cincinnati Extend Exclusive Apparel Partnership

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Entegra and Leading Hospitality Giants Launch Hospitality Alliance for Responsible Procurement (HARP) to Improve Supplier Sustainability

Entegra, in collaboration with prominent players in the hospitality industry, has announced the launch of the Hospitality Alliance for Responsible Procurement (HARP) powered by EcoVadis. This initiative aims to enhance the sustainability performance of suppliers in the industry, addressing the growing need for responsible procurement practices.

Fostering Sustainability in the Hospitality Sector

The establishment of HARP reflects a collective commitment to sustainability within the hospitality industry. By prioritizing responsible procurement, the alliance seeks to drive positive environmental and social impacts, encouraging suppliers to adopt sustainable practices.

Driving Change through Collaboration

The collaboration between Entegra and leading hospitality giants signifies a united effort to effect change on a larger scale. By pooling resources, expertise, and influence, HARP can leverage collective strength to drive sustainability initiatives and foster a more sustainable supply chain in the hospitality sector.
Improving Supplier Sustainability Performance
HARP's primary focus is on improving the sustainability performance of suppliers. By setting standards, providing guidance, and offering support, the alliance aims to empower suppliers to adopt sustainable practices and integrate them into their operations. In conclusion, the launch of the Hospitality Alliance for Responsible Procurement (HARP) powered by EcoVadis represents a significant step towards enhancing sustainability in the hospitality industry. This collaborative effort demonstrates a shared commitment to responsible procurement practices and sets a precedent for driving positive change in supplier sustainability performance.

The Impact of HARP on New Businesses in the Hospitality Industry

The launch of the Hospitality Alliance for Responsible Procurement (HARP) by Entegra and other leading hospitality giants could have significant implications for new businesses in the sector. The initiative, which aims to improve supplier sustainability, underscores the growing importance of responsible procurement practices in the industry.

Embracing Sustainability

HARP's establishment signals a collective commitment to sustainability within the hospitality industry. For new businesses, this emphasizes the need to prioritize sustainability from the outset. Incorporating sustainable practices into their operations can not only drive positive environmental and social impacts, but also enhance their reputation and competitiveness.

Collaboration for Change

The collaborative nature of HARP demonstrates the power of collective action in driving industry-wide change. New businesses should take note of this approach, seeking out partnerships and collaborations that can amplify their impact and contribute to larger sustainability goals.
Setting Standards for Suppliers
HARP's focus on improving supplier sustainability performance highlights the role of suppliers in a business's overall sustainability strategy. For new businesses, this underscores the importance of selecting suppliers who adhere to sustainability standards and can support their sustainability objectives. In conclusion, HARP's launch represents a significant step towards sustainability in the hospitality industry, setting a precedent that new businesses would do well to follow. It highlights the importance of sustainability, collaboration, and responsible supplier selection in driving positive change.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/hanesbrands-and-university-of-cincinnati-extend-exclusive-primary-apparel-partnership
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