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Hamas Must Release Hostages and Surrender for the Sake of Peace

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Hamas Must Release Hostages and Surrender for the Sake of Peace

As the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tighten their grip around the Hamas stronghold of Gaza City, the clamor for a "cease-fire" is intensifying. In the aftermath of the horrific Hamas attack on October 7, which resulted in the largest single-day massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and hundreds taken hostage into Gaza, calls for a cease-fire were primarily confined to far-left groups and certain members of Congress sympathetic to Hamas.

Changing Stances and Political Pressures

However, the political landscape has shifted dramatically since then. President Joe Biden, who initially expressed strong support for Israel, has recently advocated for an IDF "pause" in Gaza. This shift in stance seems to be a strategic move to appease the Democratic Party's left flank, as polls suggest Biden's initial support for Israel has cost him among Muslim Americans, a reliable Democratic voting bloc.

Implications of a "Pause"

Despite the semantic difference, calling for a "pause" instead of a "cease-fire" gives Hamas an advantage. It represents a significant departure from Biden's earlier, unequivocal support for Israel. This change in stance has quickly permeated the Democratic ecosystem, with anti-Israel figures urging Israel to reconsider its approach in Gaza.

Consequences of a Cease-fire

Those advocating for a "cease-fire" or "pause" in Gaza seem to overlook the atrocities committed by Hamas. Some may even desire to see Hamas remain intact, allowing for the potential replication of the barbaric pogrom of October 7, and ignoring the plight of the hostages currently held in Gaza.

Naivety and Delusion

Others, like Biden, may naively believe that all sides laying down their arms will lead to peace. They fail to recognize that if Israel were to ever lay down its arms, it would cease to exist the very next day. They also overlook the fact that there can never be peace in the Levant with Hamas, a fundamentalist Sunni jihadist organization, as part of any "solution."

The Path to Peace

The path to peace is simple: Hamas must release all hostages taken on October 7 and unconditionally surrender to Israel, much like Germany and Japan surrendered to the Allied powers to end World War II. If Hamas were to do this, the war would end immediately, and the conversation would shift to the future of the Gaza Strip, free from Hamas' oppressive rule.

Learning from History

The notion of "balancing" powers in the Middle East has dominated left-wing foreign policy across two Democratic presidential administrations. This approach has often involved undermining America’s regional allies and bolstering its regional foes. At some point, such delusions cease being merely naive and become outright dangerous. It's been a long time since the surrender of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, and many in the West have forgotten what it takes to win a war. It's time for Israel to provide a helpful reminder. The Daily Signal publishes a variety of perspectives. This article does not necessarily represent the views of The Heritage Foundation. If you have an opinion about this article, please email letters@DailySignal.com, and we’ll consider publishing your edited remarks in our regular “We Hear You” feature. Please include the URL or headline of the article plus your name and town and/or state.

Impact of Political Instability on New Businesses

The ongoing conflict in Gaza, coupled with the shifting political stance of international leaders, underscores the potential impact of geopolitical instability on new businesses. These situations can influence the business environment, international relations, and overall market stability.

Understanding the Geopolitical Landscape

New businesses must navigate the geopolitical landscape, which involves understanding the implications of political decisions, assessing the impact of conflicts, and considering the influence of international relations on their operations.
The "Hot Take"
The situation in Gaza and the shifting political stance of leaders like President Joe Biden could create uncertainties for new businesses. These uncertainties could affect their international operations, market stability, and overall business strategy. However, these challenges also present opportunities for businesses to adapt their strategies, engage in public discourse, or contribute to the development of peace and stability. In conclusion, while geopolitical instability presents challenges, new businesses that can effectively navigate this landscape stand to gain the most in today's complex business environment. They should stay informed about international developments, adapt their strategies accordingly, and consider playing an active role in promoting peace and stability.
Story First Published at: https://www.dailysignal.com/2023/11/03/want-ceasefire-tell-hamas-free-all-hostages-unconditionally-surrender/
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