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Growing Anti-China Sentiment Surfaces in Japanese Public Opinion after Nine Years

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Negative Views: Japanese Perception of China Hits a Low

Japanese people's perception of China has reached its lowest point since 2014, according to a survey conducted by think tank Genron NPO in August and September. Over 92% of Japanese respondents expressed a negative impression of China, up from 87% the previous year and the second-highest level since the survey began in 2005. In contrast, about 63% of Chinese respondents held a negative view of Japan, a figure similar to the previous year.

Factors Impacting Perception

The survey coincided with Japan's discharge of treated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear plant, which drew objections from the Chinese government. China imposed a ban on Japanese seafood imports in response. The water discharge issue was cited by 36.7% of Japanese respondents as a hindrance to repairing ties, while only 5.8% of Chinese respondents highlighted this issue. Japan's warning to its citizens about potential harassment in China further strained relations.

Implications for Tourism and Trade

The Chinese response to the Fukushima disposal raised concerns about a potential decline in tourism from China, as travel restrictions eased amid the pandemic. Approximately 58% of Chinese respondents stated they did not wish to visit Japan, while nearly 80% of Japanese respondents expressed no desire to visit China. The survey also revealed a shift in the reasons for positive views of Japan among Chinese respondents, with good manners and a strong work ethic being the top factors cited. In conclusion, the negative perception of China among Japanese people poses challenges for diplomatic relations, tourism, and trade between the two countries. Efforts to address the water discharge issue and improve mutual understanding will be crucial in rebuilding trust and fostering better relations in the future.

Hot Take: Impact of Negative Perceptions Between Japan and China on New Businesses

Understanding the Current Climate

The significantly negative perception of China among Japanese people, as highlighted by a recent survey, could have profound implications for new businesses, especially those planning to operate in or between these two countries. The strained relations, largely due to Japan's discharge of treated wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear plant and subsequent warnings to its citizens about potential harassment in China, could pose challenges for businesses in terms of trade, tourism, and diplomatic relations.

Implications for Trade and Tourism

China's ban on Japanese seafood imports, in response to the Fukushima disposal, could potentially impact new businesses in the seafood industry or those relying on such imports. Additionally, the decline in tourism due to the negative perceptions could affect businesses in the hospitality and tourism sectors.
Building Trust and Fostering Better Relations
For new businesses, understanding these dynamics is crucial. Efforts to address contentious issues, improve mutual understanding, and rebuild trust could be a part of their strategic planning. Businesses could also focus on promoting positive aspects, such as the appreciation for good manners and strong work ethic among Chinese respondents, to foster better relations and navigate through these challenges.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/japan-public-opinion-turns-most-negative-on-china-in-nine-years
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