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Google to Face Second Antitrust Trial Against Epic Games

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Google Faces Second Antitrust Trial, this Time Against Epic Games

Google is preparing for its second antitrust trial in two months, defending its Android Play Store against allegations brought by Epic Games. The trial, which commences on Monday, centers around Google's treatment of third-party mobile developers and will be closely observed by Apple, which operates the rival iPhone App Store. Both companies have faced accusations from developers regarding unfair revenue cuts from in-app payments and restrictions on communication with customers.

Potential Implications of an Epic Victory

Should Epic Games emerge victorious, Google may be compelled to make changes to its Android platform, where it imposes a 15% to 30% fee on digital goods and services within apps. An Epic win could result in the preinstallation of the Epic store on devices, potentially enabling users to bypass Google's store for game downloads. The dispute between the two companies originated when Epic updated its game Fortnite in August 2020, allowing direct billing for in-app purchases, prompting Google and Apple to remove Fortnite from their respective app stores.

Google's Ongoing Legal Challenges

While contending with the Epic Games trial, Google is also facing a separate antitrust case brought by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in September. The DOJ case questions whether Google violated the law through exclusive agreements with mobile phone manufacturers and browsers, establishing its search engine as the default option for consumers. Another DOJ antitrust trial in Virginia, scheduled for early next year, focuses on Google's online advertising business and aims to enforce divestitures.

Epic's Arguments Against Google

Epic Games plans to argue that despite Google's allowance of sideloading, which enables software installation from the web, the tech giant abuses its dominant market position and restricts consumer access to apps. Epic will draw attention to Google's contracts with handset makers that prevent the installation of alternative app stores, as well as agreements with app developers that prohibit them from launching competing app stores. The company will likely highlight the complexity of sideloading apps on Android devices.

Google's Defense and Fee Structure

Google's defense will revolve around the notion that the costs associated with its practices are necessary for conducting business. The company contends that it charges reasonable rates to sustain a popular marketplace that developers rely on to reach users. Google asserts that its developer fees are among the lowest in major app stores, with 99% of developers charged a fee of 15% or less for selling digital content. As the trial unfolds, witnesses including Google CEO Sundar Pichai, key Android executives, and representatives from Google partners such as Apple and Netflix are expected to testify. Google can potentially draw insights from Epic's litigation against Apple, where the judge acknowledged competition between the two tech giants and upheld Apple's right to require developers to use its billing system. Despite Match Group settling its claims against Google's Play Store, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney remains steadfast in going to trial against Google alone.

Antitrust Trials and their Impact on New Business Formation

Google's second antitrust trial in two months, this time against Epic Games, could have significant implications for new businesses. The trial revolves around Google's treatment of third-party mobile developers, with accusations of unfair revenue cuts from in-app payments and communication restrictions with customers.

Implications of a Potential Epic Victory

If Epic Games triumphs, Google might be forced to alter its Android platform, where it levies a 15% to 30% fee on digital goods and services within apps. This could lead to the Epic store being preinstalled on devices, possibly enabling users to sidestep Google's store for game downloads. This dispute could set a precedent for new businesses, particularly those in the tech sector, shaping the way they interact with larger platforms.

Google's Legal Challenges and Their Impact

Google's ongoing legal challenges, including a separate antitrust case brought by the Department of Justice, question Google's exclusive agreements with mobile phone manufacturers and browsers. The outcome of these trials could reshape the digital landscape, affecting new businesses' strategies in navigating partnerships and agreements with tech giants.
Epic's Arguments and Google's Defense
Epic Games' argument against Google's dominant market position and restriction of consumer access to apps could influence new businesses' approach towards user accessibility. On the other hand, Google's defense centered on the costs of conducting business could provide new businesses with insights into pricing structures and marketplace management. As the trial progresses, the testimonies from industry leaders could offer valuable lessons for new businesses. Despite the challenges, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney's determination to go to trial against Google alone demonstrates the importance of standing up for business rights, a lesson that new businesses can take to heart.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/06/google-set-for-second-antitrust-trial-in-two-months-as-it-faces-epic.html
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