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Goldman Sachs Increases International Oil Price Forecast to $100 per Barrel

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Oil Prices Set to Approach $100 a Barrel, Goldman Forecasts

According to Goldman Sachs, oil prices are expected to climb as high as $100 per barrel. Despite this rise, the firm believes that the economy is still on track for a soft landing. Goldman has revised its 12-month ahead Brent forecast to $100 per barrel from $93. The rally in oil prices, up 30% since late June, can be attributed to OPEC supply cuts and strong demand. Brent reached a peak of $95.96 on Tuesday, its highest level since November 2022, before experiencing a slight decline to $93.52 on Wednesday morning. The firm has also raised its 12-month ahead WTI price forecast to $95 a barrel from $88. WTI reached $93.74 on Tuesday, also its highest point since November 2022, but saw a decrease to $90.42 on Wednesday.

Factors Driving the Forecast Increase

Analyst Daan Struyven cited slightly sharper inventory draws as a contributing factor to the forecast increase. He described this trend as a "lower for longer" supply scenario. Struyven explained that significantly lower OPEC supply and higher demand have outweighed the impact of significantly higher US supply. He further stated that OPEC is expected to sustain Brent prices within the $80-$105 range in 2024 by leveraging robust Asia-centric global demand growth and exercising its pricing power assertively. Struyven added that the strong OPEC cut means Brent is unlikely to consistently fall below $80 a barrel next year, and he does not believe Brent prices will sustainably exceed $105 a barrel in the same period.

Inflation Concerns and the Soft Landing

The surge in oil prices has contributed to inflationary pressures, raising concerns in the market. In August, the Consumer Price Index recorded a 0.6% month-over-month gain, the highest monthly increase in 2023. Energy prices played a significant role in this rise, with a 5.6% increase for the month, including a 10.6% jump in gasoline prices. Despite acknowledging the impact on inflation and real income growth, Struyven believes that rising energy prices will not derail the soft landing. He stated that most of the oil rally is likely behind us, and the effects on growth in the US and Europe are expected to remain moderate, especially with natural gas prices remaining low. In conclusion, Goldman Sachs forecasts that oil prices will continue to rise, with the potential to approach $100 per barrel. Factors such as OPEC supply cuts, strong demand, and slightly sharper inventory draws contribute to this outlook. While concerns about inflation persist, analysts believe that the impact on the economy will be manageable, and the soft landing remains intact. However, it is important to note that forecasting oil prices and their effects on the market is a complex task with inherent uncertainties.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

The potential rise in oil prices to $100 per barrel, as forecasted by Goldman Sachs, could have significant implications for new businesses. Rising oil prices often lead to increased operational costs, particularly for businesses heavily reliant on transportation or manufacturing processes. This could squeeze profit margins for new businesses that are already grappling with the challenges of establishing themselves in the market.

Managing Inflationary Pressures

The surge in oil prices could also exacerbate inflationary pressures, which may impact the cost of goods and services. New businesses need to be strategic in managing these costs, balancing the need to maintain profitability with the risk of pricing themselves out of the market.

Planning for a Soft Landing

Despite the potential challenges, Goldman Sachs' prediction of a soft landing suggests that the broader economic environment will remain manageable. New businesses should therefore focus on long-term strategies that account for potential fluctuations in oil prices, rather than reacting impulsively to short-term market changes. In essence, while the prospect of rising oil prices may seem daunting, new businesses can navigate these challenges by understanding the potential impacts, planning strategically, and staying focused on their long-term goals. As always, it's crucial to remember that market forecasts are not guarantees, and businesses should be prepared for a range of potential scenarios.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/20/goldman-raises-international-oil-price-forecast-to-100-a-barrel.html
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