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Goldman Sachs' In-Depth Guide to Mastering IPO Trading

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Navigating the IPO Landscape: Goldman Sachs' Expert Advice

Goldman Sachs, one of the lead advisors on the Arm Holdings Plc IPO, offers valuable insights for successfully trading IPOs in the new issue market. Their analysis of nearly 5,000 IPOs completed over the past 25 years reveals two key characteristics that contribute to outperformance: annualized sales growth exceeding 40% in the second and third years after the IPO, and positive net income by the eighth quarterly earnings report.

Focus on Profitability and Growth Potential

Goldman Sachs advises investors to prioritize companies capable of achieving rapid sales growth and profitability in their early years as a public company. IPOs with these characteristics have demonstrated significant outperformance, with two-thirds of such IPOs outperforming the Russell 3000 index in their first three years. The typical company even surpassed the benchmark by 22 percentage points.

Profitability as a Key Factor

David Kostin, Goldman's head of U.S. equity strategy, emphasizes the importance of profitability for upcoming IPOs. He highlights that unprofitable companies, forced to rely on cash balances due to the closure of capital markets, face challenges. As interest rates stabilize and the stock market maintains gains, a wave of new IPOs is expected to test the market once again.

Cautionary Note on Valuations

Goldman Sachs warns investors to be cautious of IPOs with high valuations. Their analysis reveals that deals with price-to-sales multiples exceeding 15 times during 2020 and 2021 underperformed in the long run. None of these high-flying IPOs outperformed the Russell 3000 index in their first two years, with the average company lagging behind the benchmark by a significant 84 percentage points. Kostin advises investors to be wary of IPOs that enter the market with extremely high valuations, particularly those brought by venture capital firms.

Understanding Short-Term Trends

Goldman Sachs notes that IPOs experiencing significant price increases on their debut day tend to sustain their rally in the short run. Deals that soar by over 50% on the first day of trading typically appreciate by an additional 5% in the following three months. However, the first day indicator does not accurately predict long-term performance. In conclusion, Goldman Sachs' comprehensive guide provides valuable advice for navigating the IPO landscape. By focusing on profitability, growth potential, and cautious valuation considerations, investors can make informed decisions and potentially capitalize on IPO opportunities. It is important to understand both short-term trends and long-term performance factors to optimize investment strategies in the ever-evolving IPO market.


The insights provided by Goldman Sachs on navigating the IPO landscape could be invaluable to new businesses considering going public. The importance of demonstrating rapid sales growth and early profitability, as highlighted by Goldman Sachs, underscores the need for new businesses to establish a robust financial foundation before considering an IPO.

Implications for New Businesses

For new businesses, the emphasis on profitability as a key factor for successful IPOs is a crucial takeaway. This indicates the need for businesses to demonstrate sustainable business models and efficient operations. Furthermore, the cautionary note on high valuations serves as a reminder for new businesses to maintain realistic and justifiable valuations.
Future Considerations
Understanding short-term trends and long-term performance factors is crucial for new businesses considering an IPO. While significant price increases on the debut day can indicate a positive short-term trend, it does not necessarily predict long-term performance. Therefore, businesses must focus on building long-term value to ensure sustainable success post-IPO. In conclusion, the insights provided by Goldman Sachs offer a valuable guide for new businesses navigating the IPO landscape. By focusing on profitability, growth potential, and maintaining realistic valuations, businesses can better position themselves for a successful IPO and sustained growth in the public market.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/18/heres-goldman-sachs-complete-guide-to-successfully-trading-ipos-.html
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