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Goldman Sachs Identifies 5 'Compelling' Stocks to Capitalize on Major Themes, Offering 60% Upside Potential

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Goldman Sachs Identifies 5 'Compelling' Stocks to Capitalize on Major Themes

Goldman Sachs analysts have identified five stocks that align with key themes such as artificial intelligence (AI), electric vehicles (EVs), and energy efficiency. Two of these stocks, Mercedes-Benz and Daikin Industries, have earned a spot on the conviction list. These buy-rated stocks possess exposure to enduring themes and offer a compelling equity story, according to a research note published by the bank on August 21.

Mercedes-Benz: Leading the Way in Luxury EVs

Goldman Sachs has named carmaker Mercedes-Benz as its top pick among European automakers due to its focus on luxury EVs. The analysts highlight Mercedes-Benz as a company that is reinvigorating margins through its pivot to luxury. Despite selling more battery electric vehicles (BEVs), which tend to be less profitable than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has maintained margins in the 12-14% range. The stock is currently trading at a notable discount, and Goldman Sachs estimates a 48% upside to its 12-month price target.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC): Tapping into AI, 5G, and EV Trends

TSMC, a leading semiconductor company, is another stock on Goldman Sachs' list. With its involvement in AI, 5G, and EV trends, TSMC is well-positioned for growth. Although the company reported a 10% year-over-year decline in quarterly revenue, Goldman Sachs expects a sharp rebound in the next two years driven by demand for high-performance chips. The bank forecasts revenue growth of 27% in 2024 and 19% in 2025. Despite its current valuation being at the lower end of the range, Goldman Sachs believes TSMC shares do not reflect the higher multiple justified by its role as a key AI enabler. The stock is estimated to have a 30% upside to its 12-month price target.

Daikin Industries: Leading in Energy Efficiency

Daikin Industries, a Japanese heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning specialist, aligns with Goldman Sachs' energy-efficiency theme. The company has a track record of meeting or exceeding profitability targets and outpacing global peers in sales growth. Goldman Sachs also highlights Daikin Industries' growing presence in the United States, where it is surpassing local competitors in top-line gains. The bank sees potential in Daikin Industries' flagship energy-efficient air conditioner, Daikin Fit, and estimates a 54% upside to its 12-month price target.

Darling Ingredients: Leveraging Renewable Diesel Production

Darling Ingredients, a US-based feedstock and renewable diesel company, is considered undervalued by Goldman Sachs. The bank expects Darling Ingredients to benefit from President Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which includes provisions to tackle climate change. As the largest renewable diesel producer in North America, Darling Ingredients could capitalize on the IRA by venturing into sustainable aviation fuel production. Goldman Sachs projects a 60% upside to its 12-month price target for Darling Ingredients.

OCI: Pushing for Clean Hydrogen and Fuels

Dutch producer OCI, specializing in nitrogen, hydrogen, and methanol, is trading at a discount compared to its peers, according to Goldman Sachs. The analysts highlight OCI's commitment to building its share of the global value chain for clean hydrogen and fuels using core products like ammonia and methanol. The bank estimates a dividend yield of over 7% this year, which is considered highly attractive in the chemicals space. Goldman Sachs believes that any announcement regarding OCI's clean fuels projects can act as a catalyst for the company's shares. In conclusion, Goldman Sachs has identified these five stocks as compelling investment opportunities that align with major themes such as AI, EVs, and energy efficiency. Each stock offers significant upside potential according to Goldman Sachs' estimates. Investors looking to capitalize on these themes may find value in considering these stocks for their portfolios.

Conclusion: Implications for New Businesses

Goldman Sachs' identification of five compelling stocks that align with major themes such as AI, EVs, and energy efficiency provides valuable insights for new businesses. The highlighted companies and their strategies offer a roadmap for new businesses seeking to navigate these emerging trends.

Embracing Emerging Trends

New businesses, particularly those in the technology and automotive sectors, can take cues from companies like Mercedes-Benz and TSMC. These firms are capitalizing on the shift towards EVs and the increasing importance of AI and 5G. By aligning their strategies with these trends, new businesses can position themselves for growth and success.

Focus on Energy Efficiency

The focus on energy efficiency, as exemplified by Daikin Industries, underscores the growing importance of sustainability in business strategies. New businesses can differentiate themselves by integrating energy-efficient practices into their operations and product offerings.

Opportunities in Renewable Energy

The case of Darling Ingredients highlights the potential opportunities in the renewable energy sector, particularly in light of supportive government policies. New businesses in the energy sector can leverage these opportunities to drive growth and profitability. In conclusion, the "hot take" is that new businesses can learn valuable lessons from Goldman Sachs' identified stocks. By aligning with major trends, focusing on energy efficiency, and capitalizing on opportunities in renewable energy, new businesses can navigate the current market landscape and position themselves for future success.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/25/goldman-buy-these-compelling-stocks-from-ai-to-electric-vehicles.html
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