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Global High-Growth Tech Fund's Stock Could Surge by 180%, Predicts Berenberg

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Investment Firm Molten Ventures Poised for Substantial Growth, Says Berenberg

Overview of Molten Ventures

Berenberg, a financial services company, has stated that shares of Molten Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on technology, could see a significant increase of over 180%. Molten Ventures, formerly known as Draper Espirit, provides investors with exposure to venture capital investing in the high-growth technology sector. The fund is currently trading at a 67% discount to its last-reported net asset value (NAV). However, as market valuations normalize and Molten Ventures is able to liquidate some investments, the discount to NAV is expected to decrease, resulting in a substantial increase in the share price.

Reasons for Potential Growth

According to Kurran Aujla, a technology hardware analyst at Berenberg, now is the ideal time to gain exposure to the venture capital space before Molten Ventures re-rates. Additionally, Berenberg expects the shares of Molten Ventures, which trades under the ticker symbol GROW, to increase to £7.25 ($9.50) per share over the next 12 months. Despite being down nearly a third over the past year, Molten Ventures has a strong track record and its investment strategy provides protection against significant portfolio value decreases.

Protection against Portfolio Value Decreases

Molten Ventures utilizes preferred share classes, allowing the company to have the first call on invested capital at realization. This means that the company does not bear the full brunt of valuation decreases. Although the gross portfolio value (GPV) declined by 17% in the first half of the year due to falling valuations, Molten Ventures' investment strategy should provide protection against further decreases.

Recovery of the Technology Sector

The broader technology sector has shown signs of recovery from its 2022 lows, as evidenced by the Nasdaq 100 index's 42% gain this year. This recovery indicates a returning interest in non-profitable tech companies and boosts investor confidence. Given this favorable trend, Molten Ventures is well-positioned to benefit and experience further growth.

Molten Ventures' Potential Upside

Even under conservative scenarios, Berenberg's analyst believes that Molten Ventures' current discount is not justified. For example, even if Molten Ventures' portfolio experiences no growth and is valued at a 20% discount compared to its listed peers, it would still imply a 54% upside. Furthermore, by writing off the non-core portfolio and factoring in a 20% liquidity discount, there would still be a 57% upside to the current share price. These factors, combined with the company's track record of returns, make Molten Ventures an attractive stock to consider.

Analyst Predictions

Other analysts covering the stock are similarly bullish and have provided price targets that support Molten Ventures' growth potential. Numis Securities expects the stock to rise 204% to £7.87, Goodbody's Gerry Nennigan sees a 215% increase to £8.15, and Peel Hunt has a target price of £5.43, representing a 109% upside. These predictions highlight the optimism surrounding Molten Ventures and reinforce the belief that the stock is undervalued and poised for substantial growth.

Opportunities for New Businesses in the Venture Capital Space

The positive outlook for Molten Ventures, as highlighted by Berenberg and other analysts, presents an interesting opportunity for new businesses seeking investment in the technology sector. The company's potential for substantial growth, coupled with its strategic approach to portfolio management, makes it an appealing choice for entrepreneurs looking to partner with a venture capital firm.

The protection against portfolio value decreases offered by Molten Ventures through its preferred share classes is an attractive feature for startups. This means that even in a challenging market environment, the company can mitigate potential losses and provide stability to its portfolio. Furthermore, with the broader technology sector showing signs of recovery and renewed interest from investors, businesses operating in the high-growth tech sector stand to benefit from increased capital availability.

Molten Ventures' success and the bullish predictions from analysts indicate that the venture capital space remains active and open to new investment opportunities. Startups with innovative technologies and strong growth potential can leverage this favorable climate to secure funding and accelerate their development.

However, it is important for new businesses approaching Molten Ventures or any other venture capital firm to carefully assess their fit within the portfolio and align their goals and strategies accordingly. Demonstrating a unique value proposition, a solid business plan, and a market opportunity that aligns with the fund's investment thesis will significantly enhance the chances of attracting the attention of venture capitalists like Molten Ventures.

In conclusion, the positive outlook for Molten Ventures underscores the potential for emerging businesses to tap into the venture capital space and access the capital needed to fuel their growth. By navigating the funding landscape strategically and aligning with the right partners, new ventures can position themselves for success in the dynamic technology sector.

Article First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/07/17/berenberg-buy-this-global-high-growth-tech-fund-set-to-rise-by-180percent.html

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