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German Corporate Distress Gauge Reaches Highest Level Since 2020

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German Corporate Distress Reaches Highest Level Since 2020

German companies are experiencing heightened levels of distress, reaching the highest point since 2020. Rising interest rates and expensive energy costs have taken a toll on businesses, according to the Weil European Distress Index report. The study, conducted by law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, analyzed data from over 3,750 listed European firms. Among Western European countries, German companies faced the most distress, followed by the UK, during the third quarter.

Real Estate and Healthcare Industries Under Strain

The real estate sector remains the most distressed industry, primarily due to higher interest rates and difficulties in selling assets to repay debts. Healthcare comes in second, with many businesses in this sector facing similar challenges as the real estate market, along with higher labor costs and the impact of the pandemic on pharmaceutical companies.

Other Industries Affected

Retail and consumer goods, industrials, and financials are also experiencing high levels of distress. However, the report suggests that banks may fare better in the next assessment as they are able to lend at higher rates.
Monitoring Private Credit and Potential Stress
While the Weil report captures distress in the public market, it highlights the importance of monitoring the private credit realm. Private credit lenders, who have replaced banks in many transactions, may face challenges in the event of defaults. Analysts are particularly interested in observing how a group of private credit lenders, known as a club of unitranche providers, will handle stress situations. In conclusion, the rise in distress among German companies reflects the impact of rising interest rates and expensive energy costs. The real estate and healthcare industries are particularly affected, while other sectors also face significant challenges. Monitoring the private credit market will be crucial in understanding how potential stress situations are managed going forward.

Hot Take: The Implications of Rising Corporate Distress in Germany for New Businesses

The escalating corporate distress in Germany, as indicated by the Weil European Distress Index report, could have significant implications for new businesses. The report highlights the impact of rising interest rates and expensive energy costs on businesses, with German companies experiencing the highest levels of distress in Western Europe.

Real Estate and Healthcare: A Warning for New Entrants

The real estate and healthcare industries are under significant strain, which could deter new businesses from entering these sectors. The challenges faced by these industries, such as high interest rates, difficulties in selling assets, and higher labor costs, could pose significant risks for new businesses.

Other Affected Industries and the Role of Banks

The distress is not limited to real estate and healthcare. Retail, consumer goods, industrials, and financials are also affected. However, the expected improvement in the banking sector's position due to their ability to lend at higher rates could provide some relief for new businesses seeking financing.
The Importance of Monitoring Private Credit
The report's emphasis on monitoring the private credit market is particularly relevant for new businesses. The potential challenges faced by private credit lenders in the event of defaults could impact the availability and terms of financing for new businesses. In conclusion, the rising corporate distress in Germany could present both challenges and opportunities for new businesses. Understanding the dynamics of this distress and monitoring the private credit market could be crucial for new businesses navigating this complex environment.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/german-corporate-distress-gauge-rises-to-highest-since-2020
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