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Geopolitical Factors Predicted to Propel Oil Prices Beyond $100, according to Citi

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Geopolitical Developments Could Propel Oil Prices Beyond $100, Citi Predicts

Citi suggests that oil prices may surge to $100 per barrel in the near future due to recent developments involving Saudi Arabia and Russia. The firm revised its oil balance projections for the third and fourth quarters, following the extension of oil output cuts by these two countries until the end of the year. This move led to U.S. crude oil prices surpassing $90 per barrel, reaching their highest level since November 2022. Edward Morse, Citi's global head of commodities, highlights the influence of geopolitics in potentially driving oil prices above $100 temporarily. The Saudi Arabian decision to withhold oil from the market, coupled with Russia's export constraints, indicates a short-term increase in prices. However, Morse cautions that higher near-term prices may result in downsides next year, as the current $90 level appears unsustainable due to faster supply growth compared to demand. OPEC's updated forecasts indicate solid demand and the possibility of a supply deficit in 2023 if production cuts persist. As Citi revises its fourth-quarter balances, it lowers its demand outlook, citing global and Chinese risks. The wildcard in this scenario is China's refined product exports, as the Chinese government's provision of greater export quotas may lead to increased refining activity and more exports. This could alleviate tight diesel markets but potentially disrupt gasoline markets. In August, inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, experienced its largest monthly increase of the year, rising by 5.6%, including a significant 10.6% surge in gasoline prices. These factors contribute to the complex landscape of the oil market, where geopolitical developments, supply-demand dynamics, and global economic conditions intertwine to shape oil prices. In conclusion, Citi's analysis suggests that geopolitical factors have the potential to drive oil prices above $100 per barrel. However, the sustainability of these higher prices remains uncertain, as supply growth outpaces demand. The evolving global landscape, including Chinese export policies and inflationary pressures, further adds complexity to the oil market. Businesses and investors must carefully monitor these developments to navigate the potential impacts on the energy sector and related industries.


The potential surge in oil prices to $100 per barrel, as predicted by Citi, could have significant implications for new businesses, especially those in the energy sector or industries heavily dependent on oil.

Implications for New Businesses

For startups, this development underscores the importance of understanding the complex interplay of geopolitical factors, supply-demand dynamics, and global economic conditions that shape oil prices. The potential for higher near-term prices, coupled with the risk of downsides next year, adds a layer of complexity and uncertainty to business planning and strategy.
Lessons Learned
The key takeaway for new businesses is the need to stay informed about these market dynamics and to incorporate such insights into their strategic planning. The potential volatility in oil prices could impact operational costs, supply chain decisions, and overall business sustainability. In conclusion, the potential surge in oil prices to $100 per barrel presents both opportunities and challenges for new businesses. By staying informed about these market dynamics and adjusting their strategies accordingly, startups can better navigate the potential impacts on their operations and profitability. As the oil market continues to evolve, it is crucial for new businesses to remain adaptable and responsive to these changes.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/18/geopolitics-could-drive-oil-prices-over-100-citi-says.html
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