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GE Healthcare Validates New Artificial Intelligence Models for Predicting Patient Response to Immunotherapies

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GE Healthcare's AI Models Validate Predicting Patient Response to Immunotherapies

GE Healthcare has announced the validation of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) models that can predict patient response to immunotherapies with an accuracy of 70 to 80 percent. These models, based on a pan-cancer cohort, have demonstrated the ability to predict both the likelihood of a positive response to treatment and specific immune-related toxicities. The use of AI in this context enables clinicians to match patients with the most effective treatment sooner, potentially avoiding unnecessary side effects and costs, while driving personalized and precise care.

Enhancing Precision Care

The validation of these AI models opens up possibilities for precision care by selecting the most suitable treatment pathway for individual patients based on their predicted response. This advancement has the potential to significantly benefit cancer patients undergoing immunotherapies, improving treatment outcomes and reducing adverse reactions.

Implications for Drug Development

In addition to the clinical benefits, these AI models can also aid drug developers in selecting patients more likely to respond to immunotherapies. This could accelerate and increase the success rate of clinical trials, offering potential advantages for pharmaceutical companies in therapy development.
Retrospective Analysis and Versatile Application
To develop the AI models, GE Healthcare and Vanderbilt University Medical Center analyzed the treatment response of thousands of cancer patients, correlating their data with various factors. Notably, the models use routinely acquired data from electronic health records, making them versatile and scalable for potential application in clinical practice. In conclusion, GE Healthcare's validation of AI models for predicting patient response to immunotherapies represents a significant advancement in personalized and precise care. These models have the potential to revolutionize treatment selection, improve outcomes, and drive advancements in drug development.

AI Models: A Game Changer for New Businesses in Healthcare

The recent validation of GE Healthcare's AI models that predict patient response to immunotherapies is a significant breakthrough that could have a profound impact on new businesses in the healthcare sector.

Driving Precision Care

These AI models, with their 70 to 80 percent accuracy, can help clinicians select the most effective treatment for individual patients, enhancing precision care. For new businesses, this development presents an opportunity to leverage AI technology in creating personalized treatment plans, potentially improving patient outcomes and reducing adverse reactions.

Boosting Drug Development

Moreover, these AI models also have implications for drug development. They can assist in selecting patients more likely to respond to immunotherapies, potentially accelerating clinical trials and increasing their success rate. This could provide a competitive edge for new businesses in pharmaceuticals, enabling them to bring effective therapies to market faster.
Scalable Application
The versatility and scalability of these AI models, which use data from electronic health records, make them applicable in a variety of clinical settings. This could open up new avenues for businesses offering AI-based solutions in healthcare. In conclusion, GE Healthcare's AI models could revolutionize treatment selection and drug development, offering exciting opportunities for new businesses in healthcare to drive personalized and precise care.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/ge-healthcare-announces-new-data-validating-artificial-intelligence-models-for-predicting-patient-response-to-immunotherapies
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