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FRISS Introduces Claims Analytics Accelerator for Guidewire Cloud

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FRISS Launches Accelerator for Claims Analytics for ClaimCenter Cloud

FRISS, a leading provider of trust automation solutions for P&C insurers and a Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partner, has announced the release of the FRISS Accelerator for Claims Analytics for ClaimCenter Cloud. This accelerator, available in the Guidewire Marketplace, leverages the latest capabilities of the Guidewire Cloud Integration Framework. It aims to automate and enhance claims analysis, enabling insurers to promptly identify suspicious claims and expedite trustworthy ones within ClaimCenter.

Streamlining Claims Analysis with AI

The FRISS Accelerator for Claims Analytics utilizes advanced AI techniques, internal and third-party data, network analytics, and risk and fraud indicators to deliver real-time claims analysis. By seamlessly integrating with ClaimCenter, it provides fraud and risk screenings at different stages of a claim's workflow, including when the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) is entered, when changes occur, when additional data is added, and when exposures are created, closed, or re-opened.

Improving Adjuster and Customer Experience

The integration of FRISS capabilities and insights directly into ClaimCenter enhances the adjuster and customer experience. By automating and streamlining the claims analysis process, insurers can reduce claim leakage, improve efficiency, and deliver fast and reliable services to their customers. In conclusion, the FRISS Accelerator for Claims Analytics for ClaimCenter Cloud offers insurers a powerful solution to automate and enhance claims analysis. By leveraging AI and real-time data, insurers can effectively identify fraudulent claims and expedite legitimate ones, ultimately improving the overall claims handling process and customer satisfaction.

Implications of FRISS's Accelerator for Claims Analytics for New Businesses

FRISS's recent launch of the Accelerator for Claims Analytics for ClaimCenter Cloud signals a significant shift in the insurance industry, with potential implications for new businesses in the sector. This innovative solution leverages advanced AI techniques and real-time data to automate and enhance claims analysis, a development that could set a new standard in the industry.

Embracing AI in Claims Analysis

The Accelerator's use of AI to streamline claims analysis underscores the transformative potential of this technology. For new businesses, this highlights the opportunity to leverage AI to improve efficiency and accuracy in their operations, whether in claims analysis or other areas.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The Accelerator's focus on improving the adjuster and customer experience points to the growing importance of customer-centric approaches in the insurance industry. New businesses must consider how they can integrate similar customer-focused solutions into their offerings to stay competitive.

Reducing Claim Leakage

The Accelerator's ability to reduce claim leakage demonstrates the potential of technology to address key challenges in the insurance industry. This provides a valuable lesson for new businesses on how to use technology to solve industry-specific problems and improve their bottom line. In conclusion, FRISS's Accelerator for Claims Analytics for ClaimCenter Cloud presents a roadmap for new businesses in the insurance industry. By embracing AI, focusing on customer experience, and addressing industry-specific challenges, they can position themselves for success in this rapidly evolving landscape.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/friss-launches-claims-analytics-accelerator-for-guidewire-cloud
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