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Experts Warn: Increasing AI Usage Will Worsen the Problem of Scam Calls

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Experts Warn: Growing Use of AI Will Worsen Scam Call Problem

The increasing use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to have a significant impact on the way phone scammers target victims, according to experts from Hiya, a company specializing in detecting spam phone calls. The potential for scammers to tailor attacks to specific recipients is a concerning development. The use of AI in phone scams could involve speech augmentation to remove accents, automation to replace human scammers with faster robots, and technology that frequently alters spam call scripts to make them less recognizable. Another alarming possibility is voice cloning technology combined with automation to mimic a specific person known to the call recipient, opening the door for tailored attacks. Cases of reported fraud in Canada have been on the rise, with an expected increase in fraud-related losses. The average Canadian received up to four or five spam calls per month, indicating a growing problem. Telecom providers have also experienced an uptick in fraud targeting their sector, with scammers posing as customers to gain access to personal information. This highlights the need for strong protections to prevent confidential information from being stolen. In conclusion, the growing use of AI in scam calls poses a significant challenge. It is crucial for individuals and telecom providers to stay vigilant and implement robust measures to protect against evolving scamming techniques.

Implications of AI-Driven Scam Calls for New Businesses

The rising use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in scam calls, as warned by experts from Hiya, poses a significant threat to new businesses. The ability for scammers to tailor attacks to specific individuals is a disturbing trend. AI could enable scammers to modify accents, automate the scamming process, and frequently change spam call scripts, making them harder to identify. The potential for voice cloning technology to impersonate known individuals adds another layer of concern.

Increasing Fraud Cases

With reported fraud cases on the rise in Canada, new businesses must be aware of the growing risk. The average Canadian is receiving up to four or five spam calls per month, signaling a worsening problem.

Telecom Providers as Targets

Telecom providers are also increasingly becoming targets, with scammers posing as customers to steal personal information. This underscores the necessity for robust protective measures to safeguard confidential information.
Staying Vigilant
In conclusion, the escalating use of AI in scam calls presents a significant challenge for new businesses. It is crucial for these businesses to remain vigilant and implement strong measures to protect against these evolving scamming techniques. The threat is real and immediate, and new businesses must prioritize security to safeguard their operations and reputation.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/think-scam-calls-are-bad-now-experts-warn-growing-use-of-ai-will-make-problem-worse
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