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Experts Suggest Auto Makers May Have Made a Risky Move with Union Deal

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Concerns Over Auto Makers' Union Deal

Experts have expressed concerns over the recent union deal between the United Auto Workers (UAW) and the Big Three automakers (Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis), citing potential negative implications for the already struggling companies. The deal, which includes higher wages and benefits for autoworkers, raises labor costs and puts the Big Three at a disadvantage compared to non-unionized competitors both domestically and abroad. This comes at a time when the automakers are trying to shift their focus to electric vehicle (EV) production. Experts argue that the increased labor costs could hinder their ability to compete with companies like Tesla and foreign automakers that have set up operations in states with weaker labor protections and unions. The new deals eliminate wage tiers and give significant raises to workers, further adding to the labor costs. As a result, labor costs at the Big Three are estimated to be around $90 per hour per worker, double that of Tesla and foreign car companies operating in the US. The higher costs may incentivize the companies to accelerate automation and reduce the workforce. Additionally, the union deal could potentially impact the companies' ability to invest in EV production and compete with state-controlled Chinese automobile companies that benefit from substantial subsidies. The declining market share of the Big Three over the years and the rise of foreign automakers like Toyota and Hyundai further highlight the challenges faced by the US automakers. The recent strike and revenue losses incurred by the companies during the walkouts add to the concerns. While labor costs alone may not determine the success or failure of automakers, the increased costs could further strain their competitiveness in an already challenging market.

Implications for New Businesses

The recent union deal between the UAW and the Big Three automakers presents a significant shift in the auto industry that could impact new businesses in several ways.

Increased Labor Costs

The deal's emphasis on higher wages and benefits could set a precedent for labor negotiations across industries. New businesses, particularly those in the manufacturing sector, may face pressure to offer similar compensation packages, potentially inflating their labor costs.

Competitive Disadvantage

The increased labor costs could put new businesses at a competitive disadvantage, especially if they are competing against companies with non-unionized workforces or those operating in regions with weaker labor protections.

Shift to EV Production

The shift to EV production by the Big Three may also influence new businesses. Companies entering the auto industry might need to focus on EVs to stay competitive. However, they must also consider the high costs associated with this shift and the intense competition from established players and foreign manufacturers.
In conclusion, while the union deal is a significant development for the auto industry, it also presents challenges for new businesses. They must navigate these changes carefully, considering their potential impact on labor costs, competitiveness, and strategic direction.
Story First Published at: https://dailycaller.com/2023/11/03/automakers-union-deal-uaw/
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