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Experts Reveal Key Personal Traits Essential for Increasing Lifespan, Stating Positivity Alone is Insufficient

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The Key Personal Traits That Impact Longevity Beyond Positivity

When it comes to handling life's frustrations, the common advice is often centered around maintaining a positive attitude. However, experts suggest that while positivity plays a role, there are other key personal traits that contribute to longevity.

Personality and Longevity

According to Petr Sramek, CEO of Healthy Longevity Clinic, personality is a significant factor in determining lifespan. While being positive is important, it is equally crucial to take care of oneself. Individuals with longer-than-average lifespans tend to be more conscientious and receptive to medical advice.

The Role of Healthy Habits

The Healthy Longevity Clinic employs a personalized approach, creating a "road map" based on various biomarkers such as blood pressure or DNA. However, for this road map to be effective, clients must be open to change. Those who are willing to make lifestyle adjustments can experience improved mood and a greater willingness to follow other guidance.
Mental and Biological Connection
Addressing both mental and biological aspects is essential for overall well-being. Chronic inflammation, for instance, can affect mood and personality. By managing inflammation, individuals may become more agreeable. However, a willingness to seek and accept help is crucial for positive outcomes. While positivity does have an impact on lifespan, stress can still negatively affect health. Psychologically healthy individuals exhibit quicker recovery times and possess the ability to reframe stressful situations. However, the personality trait most strongly linked to longevity is conscientiousness.
The Power of Conscientiousness
Conscientious individuals excel in self-care, maintaining regular medical appointments, and adopting healthy habits. They tend to moderate alcohol consumption and follow balanced diets, resulting in better overall health behaviors and reduced accident rates. Increasing conscientiousness is possible, and workshops are available to enhance self-regulation abilities. By acting more conscientiously, individuals can cultivate the trait and develop a mindset that aligns with positive health behaviors. In conclusion, while positivity is important, other personal traits such as conscientiousness play a significant role in longevity. By adopting healthy habits, being organized, and diligent in self-care, individuals can enhance their overall well-being and potentially extend their lifespan.

Impact of Personal Traits on Longevity and Implications for New Businesses

While positivity is often touted as a key to longevity, experts suggest that other personal traits like conscientiousness play a significant role. This insight has profound implications for new businesses, particularly those in the health and wellness sector.

Personality Traits and Business Opportunities

The findings by Petr Sramek, CEO of Healthy Longevity Clinic, highlight the importance of conscientiousness and self-care in achieving a longer lifespan. This opens up new avenues for businesses to develop products and services that promote these traits.

Customized Health Solutions

The personalized approach employed by the Healthy Longevity Clinic, which creates a "road map" based on various biomarkers, underscores the potential for businesses to offer tailored health solutions. However, the success of such initiatives hinges on the clients' willingness to change.
Addressing Mental and Biological Aspects
The connection between mental and biological aspects in overall well-being also presents opportunities for businesses to offer holistic health solutions. For instance, managing chronic inflammation can not only improve physical health but also affect mood and personality.
Role of Conscientiousness
The strong link between conscientiousness and longevity suggests that businesses can benefit from promoting this trait. This could involve offering workshops to enhance self-regulation abilities or developing products that encourage conscientious behaviors. In essence, while positivity is important, other personal traits such as conscientiousness play a significant role in longevity. This insight offers new business opportunities in the health and wellness sector, from personalized health solutions to products promoting conscientious behaviors.
Story First Published at: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/26/longevity-expert-positivity-alone-wont-increase-your-lifespan.html
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