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Ex-employees Claim Decreased Morale and Increased Cronyism under DeSantis' Leadership at Disney World Government

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Ex-Employees Allege Decreased Morale and Increased Cronyism following DeSantis' Takeover of Disney World Government

According to former employees, the Walt Disney World government has experienced a decline in morale and trust since allies of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis assumed control earlier this year. Over 30 out of approximately 390 employees have left the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District since the takeover, raising concerns about the loss of institutional knowledge and a well-run government. The employees claim that the district has become politicized and cronyism has become prevalent within the organization.

Employee Dissatisfaction

Exit surveys conducted with former employees reveal a significant shift in the district's culture. Many employees expressed disappointment with the prioritization of politics over employee well-being and the community's best interests. They believe that the district is now willing to sacrifice its employees and work to score political points.

Impact on District Functionality

The departure of numerous employees within a short period has had a detrimental effect on the district's functionality. A facilities director who left last month stated in their exit survey that the district is "no longer functional" due to the high number of departures.

The Takeover and Allegations of Cronyism

The Republican governor and the GOP-dominated Florida Legislature took control of the district in response to Disney's public opposition to a state law banning certain classroom lessons. The new board members have been accused of cronyism, with politically connected associates being hired or awarded contracts. This has raised concerns about transparency and accountability within the district. In conclusion, the allegations made by ex-employees regarding decreased morale and increased cronyism following DeSantis' takeover of the Disney World government highlight the challenges faced by the organization. The impact on employee satisfaction and the functionality of the district should be addressed to ensure the well-being of staff members and the delivery of outstanding services to taxpayers.

Hot Take: DeSantis' Takeover of Disney World Government and its Impact on New Businesses

The recent allegations of decreased morale and increased cronyism following Governor DeSantis' takeover of the Disney World government could serve as a cautionary tale for new businesses. The departure of over 30 employees from the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District has not only led to a loss of institutional knowledge but also raised concerns about the functionality of the organization.

Employee Morale is Crucial

One key takeaway for new businesses is the critical role employee morale plays in the success of an organization. The prioritization of politics over employee well-being, as alleged by the ex-employees, can lead to a significant shift in organizational culture and potentially result in a high turnover rate.

Cronyism Can Undermine Trust

The accusations of cronyism highlight the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability in business operations. Hiring or awarding contracts to politically connected associates can erode trust within the organization and among stakeholders.

Political Interference

The takeover of the district, reportedly in response to Disney's opposition to a state law, underscores the potential impact of political interference on business operations. New businesses must be prepared to navigate such challenges while upholding their values and commitments. In conclusion, the situation at the Disney World government serves as a stark reminder for new businesses about the importance of maintaining employee morale, avoiding cronyism, and managing political interference.
Story First Published at: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/morale-down-cronyism-up-after-desantis-takeover-of-disney-world-government-ex-employees-say
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